Mama Bear the Hunter

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This is my entry for #zapfic. This was written within hours of the contest but I have been on a procrastinating streak lately. It is not really me procrastinating, it is my baby. She won't come out...

Either way, it is too late for this week's contest, but not too late to enjoy.

mama bear the hunter .jpg

Her daily search proved fruitful.

The nerves of dwindling supply faded. Twelve jumbo rolls were available.

She scrambled to pay. Only nine would be lucky.

Days later modern day gold appeared on her doorstep.

The children rejoiced.

I use Canva to make most of my graphics. If you would like to check Canva Out, please use my link. You canvassing Canva with my link gives me free premium benefits while still keeping the price free for you.

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