Day 845: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: dehydrate

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My Mother bought us an air-fryer that also dehydrates I thought it would be cool to dehydrate strawberries, maybe I got them to dry because I tried putting them in a smoothy and they did not puff back up. I dehydrated mushrooms and one day I made gravy, put the mushrooms in it and let simmer for 20 minutes, I could have taken chunks of shoe leather and put it in the gravy. I think I must be doing something wrong or that is what food is like after you dehydrate it. I guess I am too much of an old fashion cook I cooked a couple of things in the air fryer but for the most part it sits on the counter taking up space.

In the summer it is a fight for me to stay hydrated, the winter is not as bad on me but many days I do not pee until I get home and then it is a dark orange color which I know is not good. My husband does not struggle with being dehydrated like I do and he does not drink any more than I do but he does weigh 150 pounds more than me, so maybe that is it.

The weatherman has found a way to cover his ass. He says we will have winds of 10 to 15 with gusts to 20. This way if it is light 10 knot winds he gets it right if it is blowing at 20 knots he has it right. And today he still got it wrong because it was 25 to 30 knots. I had to let out all of my anchor rope and it still would not hold.

I caught 21 pounds and my husband caught 9 we both came in early because of the wind. You can not really tell by this picture but the wind was kicking it.


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@commentcoin thank you

@wonderwop hahaha yes they do, thank you for the prompt

The texture changes for sure if you dehydrate fruit or vegies.

@mariannewest Live and learn, lol, I thought when I rehydrated them they would be almost back to normal like the boxes of dehydrated potatoes, they taste like potatoes. Now I know, thank you.