Day 849: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: lame

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This is my post for #freewrite Sunday prompt lame hosted by @mariannewest

I spent the day bleaching my boat and coolers, well half the day was more like it. The other half I oiled my reels and made all new dropper lines. The damn horny toads and blowfish bite the line and when they do this they cut it halfway into and when you get a fish on the line will break. I also did laundry, by this time the day was over.

I am not sure what to do with this lame ass dog. Don't get me wrong, I care about the dog but she is crazy. When my husband gets home she sounds like she wants to eat him, he filmed her and showed it to me. As soon as I get home she is fine with him, crazy or what? I let her out at night and if I let her back in she comes in, but if my husband tries to get her to come in she just stands there barking at him. She has gotten better in the house but she still takes spells of barking at him. We have treats and I am not giving any to her, my thoughts are that maybe she will get used to him if only he gives her treats. My Granddaughter had a trainer come look at her but he said he wants to see how she acts around the other dogs but my daughter wants to wait till her arm heals from the last fight she tried to break up.

It looks like we are going to get to fish 3 days this week. Thursday we are to get another cold front and my husband told me with this one we better be off the river before the weather hits. It is going to be bad, bad and bad. Last Friday when we were caught out in it I thought it was as bad as I want to be on the river, I was taking waves over the side of my boat the wind was north and I had to go east so I was sideways to it. I hooked my bildge pump up and let it run until I got back in a cove.

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Sounds to me the dog has a very good reason to hate men. Or certain men and your husband remind it of that person. It might help if he only feeds her and gives treats. He could do that at the moment it has to come in.
The dog is afraid and feels safer with you around.
People do nasty things to animals. Do not underestimate it, the barking, the fear.

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@wakeupkitty thank you, I think the same thing, she is getting better with him. He is trying his best to be her friend. My Granddaughter hired a dog trainer today, maybe that will also help.

It just takes time. It will probably heal. I worked for many years with broken animals and in all cases it was due to human behavior. Good luck. 💕

@wakeupkitty We have decided she is scared of my husband, when I get home she is ok with him but with me gone she will not come near to him. Last year he watched her while we went on a cruise and she was fine with him, we can not figure out what changed.

That she is scared of him - I feel for him - is clear to me. The dog didn't stay with you after your cruise or? So this means after that period something happened. I doubt it has something to do with him but he reminds her of something.
Does he ignore the dog more if you are at home?
I think that is what he should do. Give the treat (on the floor) put the bowl with food down, call, leave and leave the door open and ignore. Not saying hi, talking to it, etc.
My wolves hated it as my friend kept looking at them and talked to them. They felt threatened by her... I told her not too, to ignore them and it was fine.

Happy day 💕

@wakeupkitty thank you, I value your opinion. I will tell him to try this. She has stayed with him several times and has always been fine with him, he is trying everything to win her over. My daughters grown Son stayed with her for several months I am wondering if he was mean to her and now she is afraid of men but feels safe if women are around. Or it could be because the son and his girlfriend had several fights while staying there and this scared her. We may never know what did it but I hope we can conquer it. She is getting a little better but only when I am present. I will not make her go anywhere else, my granddaughter loves her so much, it would break her heart if she had to give her up for good. Her moms dog is old and when she passes then my granddaughter can have her dog back.

He does not ignore her when I am home, that is when he can talk to her and pet her and she is good with him. Every evening before he goes to bed he sits down with her and talks to her like she is a person, saying what is wrong, and petting her.

Perhaps the sound of the voice reminds the dog of that period. It is hard to tell but it can heal if you have patience. Ignoring doesn't cost anything and the pet can be given if you are around. I wish you a great weekend. 💕

@wakeupkitty thank you, I know he will win her over, he has somewhat but not 100% yet. thank you for all your good advice. I hope your weekend is also good.