Day 851: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: hot water

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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt hot water hosted by @mariannewest

My Granddaughter hired a dog trainer and he wanted to see how the dog I have interacted with the dog she fights with, so my daughter brought her dog to our house. But before he put them together he wanted to see how she was with his female dog, who is trained to listen. Things did not go very well. He had the granddaughters dog (Sasha) on a leash and let his dog loose. It did not take long and Sasha tried to jump his dog which is also a female. He told us that Sasha and Emma should never be in the same house that Sasha has aggression towards female dogs. He also said he could fix the problem but Sasha would have to live with him for 5 weeks at 100 dollars a day. My granddaughter works at a pizza place and there is no way she can pay that. He told her that he could train her behavior problems, he is going to come to my house once a week for 80 dollars. She listens to me but my granddaughter wants her to not be a problem so she hired him. I am sort of in hot water over this because my husband did not want another dog but there is no way in hell that I am going to tell my granddaughter she has to give up her dog. It ain't happening!!! She is getting better with my husband, with me here she rarely barks at him, but when I am gone it is another story, he filmed her for me to see what she does, she gets her head down, butt in the air and gnarls at him, it is scary to watch but he says he does not think she will bite him. If she does Lord help me.

Today I fished around here and my husband went to Round Island, he had 23 pounds and I had 27. I only had 9 fish but they were big. This one weighed 4.4 pounds, it is a 25 dollar fish, to me. By the time it gets to the retail market, it will be a 50 dollar fish.


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5 weeks at 100 dollars? That's some expensive training. I like the 80 dollar version better:) Your poor hubby, let's hope it works out.
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@deirdyweirdy I am a little late but thank you for the prompt.