Day 887: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: roller coaster

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This is my post for #freewrite Wednesday prompt roller coaster hosted by @mariannewest

Everything around me feels like I am on a never-ending roller coaster ride. I don't think it is just me, a friend lives in France and she is telling me they are not allowed to leave their home unless going to the doctor, get prescriptions or food. She said from 10 pm to 5 am no one is allowed out of their homes. Here it is not that bad, yet, but it would not surprise me if it gets that bad.

I have always thought if the country went into a depression like it once did, that we would be in good shape. We are fishermen and supply food. I never dreamed what would happen if there was a pandemic, and really I thought we had job security, boy was I wrong, we were one of the first to lose our job.

When we have bad weather and can not fish is one thing. The weather has been beautiful and it is driving me crazy not to be out there and it has only been a week. I tried to go online and buy a freshwater fishing license but their site is down. I was thinking about going up the creek catfishing. I do not care to eat freshwater fish but my husband loves them, I love to catch them, so it works.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and maybe this roller coaster ride will cease soon. Prayers for all.

On a happy note, one of my orchids has a plethora of blooms


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How come you are not allowed to fish anymore? it seems that you are in a vital job - providing food...
We are on lock down in California and I am worried about Florida. they have so many cases and the government is acting like nothing is going on.
Stay away from people and be safe, please!!

@mariannewest The fish that we catch are sold to restaurants in all states, with them closed there is no market to buy our fish. The fish house is only buying Kingfish because they can freeze them, our fish are sold on the fresh market. My husband and I are not going around people but my granddaughter came today and it worries me that she might get it, she works at a pizza place and they still let people come in to pick up the pizzas. She said they are busier than ever. Florida is crazy the Governor said 200 planes a day are landing here with people from NY, he is leaving it up to them to self-quarantine for 14 days. Unblievable!!!! cases are growing fast. They say there is 12 in my county but I think they are hiding numbers. South Fl is exploding and I am not that far away, maybe 2 hours from them. One of my daughter's friends has a fever and trouble breathing, she got tested a week and a half ago and still can not find out if she has it. I think they are testing but not letting people know. I hope you and your loved ones also stay safe.