Day 888: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: crazy dog

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This is my post for #freewrite Thursday prompt crazy dog hosted by @mariannewest

We still have our granddaughters dog, she is a lot better with my husband. No more barking at him like he was a T-bone steak. We both have been working with her plus our granddaughter takes her once a week to work with a trainer. She was not able to take her this week because on her day off she had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. I take the dog on walks, she is getting better with not pulling me. When she pulls I stop and do not move until she stops pulling then we walk. My granddaughter says the dog should walk behind me but I think I am doing good if I can keep up with her.

This morning when I went outside I picked up her ball and threw it, she will not bring it to me but she will run after it sometimes she picks it up but spits it out before she gets half-way back to me. This morning she ran after it, did a circle around it, hauled ass in a big circle around the yard and headed back to me, the crazy dog was going so fast that when she got to me she could not stop and just about knocked me down.

Our granddaughter came today, not to spend time with us but with her crazy dog. I feel so bad when she leaves, the dog whimpers and runs up and down the fence. I have also noticed that the days that she comes the dog does not want to eat. I think she is heartsick and misses her girl.

This is the crazy dog. My husband filled a hole in the yard and she thinks he put it there just for her to lay on.


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