Day 927: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: toothpicks in a coconut

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This is my post for #freewrite Monday prompt toothpicks in a coconut hosted by @mariannewest

My brothers' wife started an avocado tree by sticking toothpicks in the seed and three trees grew out of it. One time when I was visiting them she gave it to me and my husband planted it, maybe ten years or so ago. We have gotten one avocado from it. I have heard you need a male and female tree to get fruit. I do not know why we had one fruit unless one of the three trees is of the opposite sex of the other two. I have never heard of anyone trying to stick toothpicks in a coconut but I do wish them luck trying to do this. I found a coconut on the beach one day while I was getting sandfleas. I brought it home and threw it in the yard. One day I noticed a green sprout coming out of it, so I planted it in a big pot, it is now four feet tall.

Today I loaded my boat with 40 pigfish traps and two crab traps and went in search of bait.

To make a long long story short, I caught six. I have traps stretched over a five-mile area and left them to see if anything will get in them overnight. I did catch this little starfish that I released. I do not know if it lost a leg in the trap or somewhere else.


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