Day 928: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: two varieties

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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt lame-duck Wednesday prompt two varieties hosted by @mariannewest

We found out that we can now sell trout so yesterday I ran pigfish traps all day and only caught twenty pigfish. My husband went south and found bait down there. I told him I would take my traps and put them over down there but he does not want me to drive my old truck that far every day. he caught enough bait for the two off us, he brought back 300 for me. I waited at the ramp for him and once he got here we transferred the bait from his boat to mine then I put my boat back overboard and took them to the dock that I keep my holding pen under.

Today I fished for trout, the first time this season. There are two varieties of trout, The freshwater type which is in the picture on my freewrite by @myjob, and the saltwater type, they are what I catch, this is what the saltwater trout look like. This one was too big, I released it.


It had been so long since I have fished I wondered if I still knew how, but I did. The second place I stopped I caught six, then rowed to the east and caught ten, I rowed to the south and caught eight, rowed west, and caught more. The next anchoring as soon as the bait hit the water I had one, then I missed six in a row. I thought of yesterday's prompt and started calling myself a lame-duck and telling myself to get it together, This lame-duck sharpened her hook and stopped missing them.

I ended up catching 31 trout but I gave one to someone at the boat ramp so I weighed up 30 head that weighed 83 pounds.


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