Day 941: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: protest

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This is my post for #freewrite Monday prompt inspector, Tuesday prompt protest hosted by @mariannewest

On the news, I have been seeing where people have been staging a protest to have things go back to normal. I do not understand people like this. It is like they can not accept reality. The reality is things will never be normal again. I know we still need to make money but at what cost. If your Mother was at risk, or if you have a child with a weak immune system, is losing them worth the risk? No matter who the person is, it is not worth losing them.

If we the people can not go back to work means we are making no money. So why is it ok for the light company to still bring in money or the insurance company. If we can not work because of this pandemic then they should not make money from us. They should waive all bills until it is safe to go back to work. Lord knows they have made enough money off of us.

Another thing is why are politicians still being paid? They can afford to forego their paychecks better than we the people can. Do you think they will do that? I don't.

Maybe what they need to do is have a health inspector stand at every business doorway and take temperatures and have a list of questions to ask each person before they enter a business. Maybe this will be the new normal.

I fished yesterday and by noon a huge storm looked like it was heading my way. I was on the east shore and the wind was blowing from the west. I decided that I needed to get closer to the ramp in case it hit so I headed for the west shore. As I was running to the west, it started blowing so hard that I thought I was going to sink. I had to stop and hook up my bilge pump, I left it hooked up as I ran and it was barely keeping up with the water coming in, and every big wave I hit, water would flow over the top of my baitwell helping me sink. When I reached the west shore, the worst of the storm went by. I did not want to run back across the river so I tried fishing the islands, docks, and shoreline and caught nothing. It looked like the next storm was coming so I put my bait away and went to the fish house.

I took this picture after the storm went by.


I weighed my 8 trout, they weighed 18 pounds. Before I left the fish house my husband showed up with his 31 trout that weighed 68 pounds. At least one of us can catch fish.

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You sure get caught in a lot of storms!
And I agree with you about the new normal and that we shouldn't have to pay...

I love the after-storm clouds picture. We have had thunderstorms three afternoons in a row. Today it was just rain, rain, rain. I think April and May got swapped around. I agree with you that Congress should go without a paycheck for two months, too.

I like to look at storm pictures, too. but I do not like being in them. sorry it took so long to reply, my computer crashed.

I gather it is up and running again now?

Yes it is up and running but I am now having trouble getting the keychain to let me post, I have to copy this reply and keep refreshing before it will let me post it. It is a pain in the you know what.