Day 946: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: gout

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This is my post for #freewrite Sunday prompt gout hosted by @mariannewest

One evening I was laid back in my recliner and when I stood up it felt like my foot was broken. I did nothing to it for it to hurt like that. I could not even touch it and forget trying to walk.

My husband gets gout and he says "I wonder if you have gout I told him I have never had it and why should I have it now. But it sounded just like what he described his feeling like. The next day my foot was fine so I am not sure what was going on with it.

Fishing has been bad, we both had a good day or two but now we can not seem to catch anything. The last day we fished was Friday and my husband caught six trout, I caught five and the other trout fisherman, Joe, caught zero.

If there is not the habitat for them, then there can not be fish. Trout like to have mullet grass to hide in. We no longer have this type of seagrass. Now, all we have is a low growing grass that is invasive, it is taking over where the mullet grass used to be. It makes me sad as to what man has done to the river, all in the name of progress.

I do not know what it will be but we need to find something else to fish for in the summer.

My husband was on a rant this morning and he says, I thought things would be easier when we got the kids raised, then the river crashed but we could still make a living and now he just does not see us coming back from this one.

Something will come along for us to do, we just need to keep the faith. When one door closes another door will open.

I did catch one big one but had to throw it back because by law it is too big to keep.


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