Maynia -- Day Eighteen

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This is my post for @maynia prompt suffocate hosted by @kaelci and #freewrite prompt nail clippings hosted by @mariannewest

Let me just put this out there, No matter how careful I try to be, I hate cutting my toenails. When I clip one the nail clipping never lands on my other hand, it will fly to never see again land. Somewhere there is a pile of them. I really do not think that I am sure they get swept up and I just do not see them.

I have never had a manicure or pedicure, my oldest daughter has been complaining about not being able to have her nail done and I can not seem to relate or feel sorry for her. There are more important things going on for me to worry about my nail or hers. I love her dearly but manicures are not my cup of tea.

The weather is finally going to give us a break. We are going to fish tomorrow. BUT they are calling for thunderstorms, some severe. I hope we will get half a day, fingers crossed.

The $1.60 we were paid for our trout was a mistake. The fish house owner hired a new person to do payroll and she paid us for the wrong kind of fish, he will make it up to us in our next check. we are still going to get 3.50

End of freewrite.

When we started cast netting, I rowed the boat and my husband threw the net and after months of doing this, we got smart and bought a trolling motor and mounted it on the stern of the boat. It was a lot easier for me.

We were catching a fish called goats, and a couple of scientists from Germany wanted to go with us, Klaus and Sabrine were their names. They were studying the goats and were interesting in them when they spawned. Their English was not that good but we could make out what they were trying to say.

They went with us for several days but the goats were not ready, the females were fat with roe and the males were so full of sperm that when they would pick one up white "fluids" would run out of them. Just like humans, the males were ready but the females were not.

In the past, we had noticed when we would catch a couple of big females there would be several males with them and the males' fins had turned black. And we wondered when we saw this if they were spawning.

Klaus and Sabrine were still going with us, waiting on the right time when they spawned. My husband threw the cast net and when he put it in the boat, Klaus and Sabrine started speaking German and were very excited. The males all had black fins and roe was running out of the females and the males. Klaus and Sabrine were so passionate about the fish and even not knowing a word they were saying we could tell they had got what they came for.

Later that evening my husband and I were talking about them and their excitement and my husband says to me, " I didn't know if I should have offered them a cigarette, they sounded like they just had sex." I had to agree with him.

When we were cast netting the trolling motor would move the boat along going very slow and a manatee thought our boat was another manatee and he kept trying to mate with it. He would get under the boat and actually lift our boat, I would try to outrun him with the trolling motor but he would just follow. I would end up having to start the big motor to get away from him.

When we were growing clams the manatees would get around us and we had to be careful because sometimes they would try to lay on me pushing me to the bottom, I was afraid one was going to suffocate me. I was never afraid of them until I heard that a clam farmer died from a manatee holding him to the bottom.

Back when we were dating my husband took my sister and me tarpon fishing, I told someone I was going to catch a tarpon and my husband spoke up and said you don't always catch one, but I was not putting that out there, I was going to catch. The three of us were in a 12 foot john boat with a 15 horsepower motor. The tarpon hit my bait and started taking the line out. I told my husband I was going to run out of line. He told my sister to pull the anchor and he started the motor just as I had one loop of line left on the spool. He ran toward the fish and I was reeling as fast as I could. We fought the fish for 45 minutes. We went in by shore and my husband jumped overboard and held the fish up for me to see. He said it must have weighed 75 pounds. He has never caught one that big. hehehehe. That was our first fishing date.

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Nice fishing date!! And I cut my nails outside... they become compost and feed the soil :)

That is a good idea to do with nail clipping