Maynia -- Day Fifteen! prompt *opal* 5 minute freewrite prompt *designer drug*

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This is my post for #maynia prompt opal hosted by @kaelci and 5-minute #freewrite Thursday - Prompt: designer drugs hosted by @mariannewest

I do not know how I did it but I am positive I skipped a day my #maynia posts I should be on day 13. But I am on day 14. I looked back at my blog and I am missing day three. The prompt I am missing is fungus so I will work it in with this post.

The starting point.

I do not know about what was in other areas but here seven or eight years ago many of the young people were smoking bath salts and someone I know thought she was being handed a joint and she took a couple of hits from it and she said her chest started tightening up and having pain, she thought she was having a heart attack and called an ambulance. The person came clean and told her what it was she was smoking but she still insisted this was her heart. At the hospital, she told them what she had unknowingly smoked but they checked her heart anyway and everything was ok. They told her they have seen several people come in after smoking these designer drugs. It is beyond me as to why someone would want to smoke something labeled bath salts and have it do that to them.

In the nineties designer drugs like mollies and roofies were the thing. I do not know what they did to a person I just remember hearing about them. Back in "the day" mothers had a pill prescribed to them, it was known as mothers little helper, valium, but was it a designer drug?

If you are going to do designer drugs you might as well suck on fungus (fungus is the prompt I was missing).

end of 5 min. freewrite.

From California, we went to Camp Le June in North Carolina. It was winter and we lived in a run-down single-wide trailer. We did not have to live in it but for four months then a house on base came available and we moved to it.

My husband had promised me he would take us to the beach and I was looking forward to it. He was finally going to take us, I was so excited. We drove for a long time and he pulls off the side of the road and says we are here. For as far as I could see all there was, was reeds, they were so thick you could not even see the water. I told him this was not the beach and we got into a huge argument because he insisted it was the beach. Now I know he was from Missouri but we had been living on the coast in California and I knew damn well he knew what a beach looked like. This was not it!!

He had some leave time so we went back to Missouri to visit family. We were at a swimming place just outside of Springfield. His cousin dove in and did not come up, at first we thought he was joking with us but that was not the case. He sent me to call for help and to go to his parent's house and get them. His parents had just moved and I could not remember how to get there but I did remember how to get to his sister's house in Springfield so I drove all the way there. I told her what had happened and she said he was pranking us and I told her no he wasn't. She and her husband followed me back to the river. They found his body the next day. We never knew what happened, they said he might have had a cramp and could not get back to the top. I think it was the Missouri river we were swimming in.

Not long after this my husband and I split up. Six months later I had a new boyfriend and was happy. We lived in Springfield in a house that was not in any way an opal. The rent was thirty dollars a month. In the winter all of the light switches on the inside had ice cycles hanging from them, some all the way to the floor the toilet bowl would freeze, we had to take the wooden end of the plunger and break the ice before using it. We had to let the water run all night to keep the pipes from freezing. My brother had a big tarp and they nailed it up across the entire north end of the house it helped some but not enough. I had a gas heater. My mom and step-dad came to visit and he told me that I needed to put a blanket around the heater to keep it warm.

I was pregnant and we still lived in this house, I was going to school in the day, to get my GED and working in a Chinese restaurant at night. My boyfriend was working at the turkey processing plant, it was not far from our house and I am sure being that close is why our rent was so cheap. It smelled awful.
I went into labor and was taken to the hospital. The day after my son was born my mom called from Florida and said my brother died. The hospital did not want me to take my son out of the hospital because he was exposed to yellow jaundice. But I told them I was leaving and taking my son with me.

I noticed on the flight his skin was turning orange and the whites of his eyes were yellow. I found a doctor and he told me to take him outside and lay him in the sun for some time but not long enough to burn him and he will get over it. Which worked.

My mom told me my brother was out of his mind from sniffing gas and she took him to the hospital. There was a fight with two orderlies and they beat him to death.

After the funeral, I decided I was going to stay in Florida, it had been seven long years and now I was home. My son was three months old and we got married. Mom went with me and we drove back to Missouri to get all of my things. I have never left and don't plan on ever leaving.

My marriage lasted four years and he said he missed his family and was going back to Missouri, by this time I had another child and she was only three months old. He left me with four kids and took the car.

I started babysitting because I could not afford a babysitter so I could get a job. This is how I met my husband that I have been married to for the last 36 years, he was raising his daughter and I was babysitting for him. There are three months between his daughter and my youngest and they both have blonde hair. When I would have them at a store people would say something about them being twins and I would say no they are not twins, this one is mine and that one is my husbands.

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Certainly youth must be removed from the dangers that drugs can bring to their lives. Receive my affections @myjob.

Yes Sir, @felixgarciap I did all I knew to do to keep my kids away from them. I kept them busy (and myself) in cheerleading, football, baseball, softball, and la cross. Hugs my friend.

What is this bit about your brother being beaten to death in a hospital?!
You had so much trauma in your life!
Four kids and no car?
At least this ends on a nice note, with your meeting your husband. And then you had five kids! Goodness.

Yes, my brother was beaten by hospital staff, I am not saying he was not combative, I do not know for sure but I would think he was, and they got into a fight. everyone involved lost their jobs plus all the way to the head of the hospital. We could not sue because Fl has some sort of law that if someone dies and is an adult, over 18, and has no wife or kids, the family can not sue. This was also true when my other brother was working for a lumber Co. and he was unloading a train and the strap on a pallet of 3/4inch plywood broke and fell on him, he laid in the hospital for 2 weeks before they did exploratory surgery and found his intestines were cut halfway into in several places, he passed away. He was the fourth brother I lost.

Yes my youngest was 2 when we got together and his daughter was also 2, he is truly my saving grace.

I'm happy to hear you found yourself a saving grace. It sounds like you had a tremendous amount of trauma in your youth.