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This is my post for #maynia prompt fireflies hosted by @kaelci and #freewrite Friday prompt life is confusing hosted by @mariannewest

This world has changed since I was a child, not just the fact that there are more people. There is less wildlife. We used to have thousands of fiddler crabs on the shoreline. I would bury a coffee can and they would fall in it and could not get out. That is how I caught my bait to fish with. Now there is one place that I know of that still has them but they are not as thick as they use to be. We do not have many if any quail, people say it is because of fire ants when the babies hatch the fire ants eat them alive. We also had loads of fireflies but we called them lightning bugs. We do not have them anymore. I think it may be caused by mosquito spraying, that also might be why we do not have many fiddler crabs. Life is confusing you can not wait to grow up and when you do you wish you were a child again.

If you grew up in Florida in the 1960's I can bet you did this. When you heard the mosquito truck coming you ran outside to wait on it. The spray coming out of it was a thick white fog and every kid ran behind it. We could not see each other if we got two feet apart. I can almost still smell it when I think about doing this. It was DDT and we breathed it in every time he sprayed. But no one back then knew the dangers of letting us do this.

In 1970 The State of Florida took the land that Dad had made a campground, he was leasing the land from the County and the State wanted it to have for a State Park. I was three months of turning 15 and that was the only home I had ever known and I was not taking it very well.

We had a caravan moving with us, Dad had the schoolhouse trailer behind his truck, my oldest brother was married with two kids, he had a truck and camper trailer, another brother drove a truck with a camper on it, A man and wife who were from West Palm and would camp at our place sold their house and had a car towing a camper and my stepmother was driving a car. I was told to ride with her. The bad thing was she never did much driving and dad had told her all she needed to do was follow his trailer and that was exactly what she did. Every time dad's trailer would sway off the road she followed it, right off the road. We stopped to camp somewhere around Orlando or north of it. Dad sold the car, I was so happy.

When we left the Inlet we did not know where we would end up, dad said he would know when he found it. We camped at Lake Dias for two weeks, my mom came there to spend time with us because she did not know where we were going and when she would see us again.

After leaving Lake Dias we went to Bristol Florida. There was a campground there that dad was thinking of buying. While we were there my youngest brother was playing with my nephew and the campground owner's son. For some reason they let him tie them back to back in two chairs but instead of untieing them, he left them tied up. Thankfully the childs mother came in and found them. They had knocked the chairs over while trying to get untied and the rope was around their necks and they were choking each other. My brother was maybe ten years old and the other two were five and seven. The little boys mother was so shaken by it and my brother banned from playing with him.

This same place I was walking on a log that fell across a small creek, I fell and a small stick stuck in my leg. A few days later several red bumps appeared on the leg that the stick stuck. Dad told me I was allergic to the nair I was using it is a hair remover and he told me not to use it anymore.

We left the campground and headed for Louisiana, we stayed at a State Park. My Aunt and Uncle lived nearby and she was a nurse, the bumps were getting bigger and more of them. She told dad I needed to go to the hospital, he still thought it was the nair. The doctor said I had a bad infection from the scum in the creek. He gave me a shot ant medicine to take. That did the trick, it wasn't long and the red bumps went away.

While in Louisiana dad bought us a Yamaha 60 mini bike, it looked like a small motorcycle. we had two minibikes that we brought with us, the ones with the small tires, and sat low to the ground. My two oldest brothers got big motorcycles. We had so much fun riding everywhere. But still did not have a home.

Before we left Louisiana dad made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and put it in the fridge of the schoolhouse trailer, it was to be eaten at the next place we stopped since after driving for so long all he had to do was cook the pasta. we stopped and I opened the trailer door and saw the awfullest mess ever. The door to the fridge had come open and the entire contents of the pot was all over the floor. What a mess, it was up the cabinets and even on the ceiling. So much for making dinner ahead of time.

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How did you survive your childhood?! Incredible stories! Playing in DDT!
Your step mother driving off the road had me laughing out loud.

I have thought the same thing, I would be a nervous wreck raising my kids there, and to think most of the time no one was watching us, we would fall off the dock before we could swim and someone fishing would scoop us up. I can remember when my youngest sister fell off, she went under the dock and when she came out the other side she was under the water and looking up, her eyes looked so big and the man who had scooped me up was there and got her. The dock was a L-shape and the bend is where we kept stepping off, dad finally put boards there so people would stop falling off. Her driving was B>A>D>!!!

you could make an day's #maynia post out of your comments here, get a break.

hahaha I did not think of that