Maynia -- Day Twelve! Prompt *crow*

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This is my post for #maynia prompt *crow hosted by @kaelci

Today I was thinking back to when I first started school, there was no kindergarten, you started in first grade and your teacher taught two grades in one class. My brother was two years older than me but we were in the same class.

I think it was second grade the teacher sent me home with a note saying we would now be required to wear shoes to school. I gave the note to dad and he threw it in the trash. The next day we went to school with no shoes and there was another note sent home. This went on for a couple of weeks before dad gave in and bought us shoes. I loved having shoes as the other kids had but my brother hated them. He would take them off as soon as school was out, I wanted to wear mine at home but dad made us put them up, he said they were only for school.

In third grade I had an operation to straighten my bad eye and to help with vision in it, I was to wear a patch over my good eye to make me use the bad one but I could not see and I pulled the corner of the patch up and looked through it. I hated going to school with a patch over my eye, the other kids made fun of me. I got into a fight with this boy named Jerry and punched him in the nose. All I can say is he was an easy bleeder because blood started flowing out of his nose and he ran to the office. He came back and told me I had to go to the office and I told him no I did not so he and another boy grabbed me by the arms and feet and was carrying me to the office. I was kicking and screaming and a teacher came out and made them put me down. She told them to go to the playground and led me to the office. I told the principle why I punched Jerry and he told me next time he says mean things to me to come to tell him not to punch Jerry. I had to sit in time-out and miss recess. But Jerry never made fun of me again.

Also in third grade, we were in the middle of a lesson when my teacher was called out of class. When she came back she looked sad and told us President Kennedy was shot and killed then she had us practice the war thing, I can not remember what it was called but we had drills if we were under attack we had to take cover under our desks.

It was either 4 or 5th grade I had the nicest mean teacher. She took no crap from anyone she was very strict and if you acted out in class she had you lay your hand on your desk and she whacked your hand with a ruler. But every day after lunch she would read to us from a Nancy Drew book or Hardy Boys book, she only read one chapter a day but if it was really good we would beg her to read more which she did but not all of the time.

My next year I had a male teacher and there were two boys who were the class clowns or should I say class crows and when they got in trouble he would stand them facing the blackboard, tell them to stand on their tip-toes and drawl a circle just above their nose and they had to keep their nose in that circle, he made one boy stand like that for so long that he passed out. I don't think the teacher got in trouble because he still did this if someone acted out.

There was one boy who had been in "like" with me since first grade but I did not care for him, In sixth grade, he sat behind me and when the teacher had his back to the class he would take his foot and push my desk into the aisle, the teacher would turn around and want to know why I was in the aisle, this happened lots of times, the teacher did start getting onto him. But he still did it.

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Really nice!

thank you

I was in third grade too!
I'd been rapped on the knuckles with a ruler just for doodling on my own workbook. I'll never forgive that teacher, Mrs. Lobdell.

That must have been a thing with teachers, mine was Mrs Ebson