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This is my post for #freewrite Saturday prompt Freedom hosted by @mariannewest

I wonder what our Fore Fathers meant when they said Home of the Free. Did they think that we would be free to do as we please? That is within the law. Other than the air we breathe I do not know what is free about our Country. You buy your house, it is yours free and clear. Nope. For as long as you live you will be required to pay taxes on what is supposed to be your land. If you want to fence your land you have to pay to get a permit. You want to put a shed, drill a well, put in a septic system, get electric, build a house or add on to the house you have to buy a permit and sometimes they will not let you do what you want.

You buy a car, pay taxes on it. It should be yours. Nope. Every year you have to buy a tag or registration, the same with a boat. You buy gas you pay taxes on it. When you drive you do not have the choice of wearing a seat belt or not, which that one is not bad but it should be your choice. When you change tires you need to pay a fee for throwing the old tires out.

If you want to go fishing you have to buy a license every year, hunting is the same way, you are also told what you can catch or hunt for and where you can fish or hunt. In some areas, you are fined if you have a motor on your boat or if you want to go fast.

People are all to have health insurance, it is fine if you can afford it but people like my husband and I make to much money for Medicaid and we do not make enough money for Obama-care so we go without insurance. I found out a few days ago that when we turn 66 we are required to sign up for Medicare and pay for it each month or we will be fined.

How can I say I live in the Land of the Free? Where is our freedom? I wonder when they will figure a way to tax us for air? Or have they and I do not realize it.

Sorry for the rant

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The rant is entirely justified.

@jacobtothe Thank you, It really pissed me off when I found out we are required to sign up for Medicare and will be fined if we do not sign up for it. It should be up to us if we want it.

Everything is either mandatory or forbidden under the leviathan's gaze.

@jacobtothe yes sir, it sure is

That was a great rant @myjob, well written and from your heart, let's hope that your retirement does not go bad because of the medicaid, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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@thisisawesome Thank you. After I posted it I reread and wished I had not posted, I sounded just like my Dad. He was always carrying on about the government. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thanks @myjob, and LOL the apple rarely does fall very far, not even when we try, keep on creating awesome content.

You live in "the land of opportunities". I would say: Go for it. Find an opportunity to skip the shit - the payments -.

At least you can live without health insurance. Here it's not allowed you have to pay and hurray the taxes size again. We need to pay more for water, electricity, gas, the house we on or rent. Costs many of us cannot afford.
Same with your ID, passport, drivers licence... 100 euro and it is not even yours! There's printed in it it's property of the Netherlands just like me.
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@wakeupkitty I think government no matter what kind or where it is taking advantage of people by taxing us to death, we are supposed to have health ins but we do not have it. We would have to pay 8oo a month and have a deductible of 6 thousand, it is crazy, we would end up giving them money but never being able to use the ins.

If you have the money or some you better save it in a sock or cigar box in case of need. Here you get sued. They know at once if you do not pay. The max is 3 months delay. You need to.pay no matter if you have an (steady) income. My daughter has not and also no social help. The last time she saw a doctor was 26 years ago.

@wakeupkitty Here we have a low income clinic, they have a sliding scale, you pay depending on your income a doctors visit costs us from 20 to 40 dollars and some things are free.

Here nothing is for free and we all pay the same. The hospitals are businesses they want to earn not heal. Already years ago a visit was over 80, they keep changing the rules. Made many promises but the only ones with a huge amount of savings are the insurances. 💕

@wakeupkitty I am afraid that is what will be here if it keeps going the way it is. My back doctor charges me less because I pay in cash, he gets 75 dollars a visit but charges me 50. He has done surgery on me and got the surgical center to donate the center for him and only charged me for the equipment he used. I feel very blessed and could never repay him for his kindness.

You have a great doctor and I think if you have less you can not pay the same. Health is decreasing because people avoid to visit a doctor and can not pay for medications. It's the same with the dentist.
They are no longer part of the health insurance so people no longer go. The dentist can ask any price he likes, there are many bad dentists and most do not accept you as a patient if you are not willing to visit them at least twice a year for a check-up. If you do not have the money to pay for it you skip the dentist.

@wakeupkitty yes dentist here are the same, we do not go unless a tooth is infected and if we have the money to pay.

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