Weekend Freewrite -5/16/2020 - Single Prompt Option

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This is my post for #freewrite Friday prompt chiseled also Saturday prompt Quit hosted by @mariannewest

The fish house started buying fish on the fist of May but we have only been able to fish three days because of the weather. I think if I am not going to be able to fish I will need to be chiseled out of my chair. We have worked hard making traps and bait holders and I would like to be catching something. The weatherman says it is supposed to be nice Monday and maybe Tuesday, Wednesday another front is going to come through and it will once again blow.

Why in the hell am I worried about trying to make money? And all of the work we have done to prepare for this trout season. My husband went to feed my bait and to pick up our check. He just got home. We have gotten 3.50 a pound for trout for the last 10 years, we got paid 1.60 a pound, for that it is not worth going. I am so pissed.

My husband called the guy who runs our fish house and told him what we got paid. He said he will call the owner and find out what is going on. The owner has a fish house at Cape Canaveral and one here but our checks come from the Cape. The guy here just handles the fish and sends them to the Cape to be sold from there.

I will quit if this price is right. And my husband said the same thing. Which makes for a big problem, what are we going to fish for, this time of year?

I only know one thing, every time one door closes, another door opens. Something will happen so we can make a living.

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