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The Murdered Speaks

“Damn, first the lockdown and now the murder,” the Sheriff bellowed.

The quaint town, surrounded by lush green forest had a friendly population, which, in the last two decades of existence, had only witnessed a robbery by an outsider. So, a murder was a bizarre occurrence. The deadly coronavirus pandemic wasn’t helping investigations either.

“Silver lining.”

“Pardon me, sheriff?” the deputy was confused by the sheriff’s conflicting comments.

“It’s a lockdown, so there’s no outsider to suspect right now, and that narrows it down to these new helps that the Laurent’s hired,” the sheriff reasoned. “Lanny was a smart lady, and I would be surprised if she did not attempt warning Laurry in her last moments.”

“Laurent does not use mobiles.”

“Not calling but warning her husband through some message,” the sheriff walked around the crime scene.

Sherman, the deputy, could see sense in the sheriff’s logic because whatever or whoever killed Lanny could also kill her husband, eventually.

Mark, the sheriff, had gone through the profiles of the three new hires, Carol, Kelly and Gladis. Lanny’s progressive nature led to the three being hired. It was unlikely that anyone else would have hired Carol, an ex-convict, Kelly, a drug abuse recovered, and Gladis from the LGBT community.

“Lanny shouldn’t have hired those outsiders,” Sherman almost read Mark’s mind, “and now they are the main suspects.”

“Lanny prefers reading books in her library on the lower floor, but she was found dead on the stairs with a book, while Gladis was locked up in Lanny’s room.”

“Then, Carol or Kelly?” Sherman thought that’s what Mark meant.

Mark, however, was not the one to jump to conclusions and was still looking for some message that Lanny would have left about the culprit.


“Yes, sheriff, that’s what was in her hand and no message written inside.”

“I don’t think a dying person would be running in search of a pen to write, so it’ got to be a lot simpler.” Then it struck Mark, “Oh s**t, the book is the clue that Lanny left behind.”

“Sherman, the protagonist in that book, is a character who changes his sex from man to woman,” Mark said. “So, it was Gladis all the while who attacked Lanny in the room, and in the ensuing battle, Lanny somehow escaped and locked up Galdis there.”

“But that book could have come only from the library, so then Lanny should have been going up when attacked.”

“That doesn’t explain Gladis being locked in the room,” Mark countered Sherman, “unless Lanny ran down knowing that she didn’t have much time and had already figured her message for Laurent.”

“So, she got the book but went back to check.”

“Yes, but the wounds were fatal and Lanny lost consciousness midway on the staircase. The other two were truly in the barn, and Gladis took that as an opportunity to make it appear that she was locked by someone while cleaning the room.”

“Let’s get, Gladis.”


Image Courtesy: @tristancarax

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The deadly coronavirus pandemic wasn’t helping investigations either.

That is an interesting thought that you bring up. I haven't been aware of too much along those line in these times. I wonder how many people are getting whacked and now their truly, as if they were going to anyway, no one to investigate because they're (the police) are too scared themselves to investigate. I have read that some major prisons are experiencing outbreaks like a hooker making her rounds, doing multiple Johns in the Red Light district in a few short hours. How many new DNI (Do not Investigate) toe tags have been added to the pile is an interesting question for those of us who venture to the dark side from time to time.

I was thinking that you would like this prompt. Detective stuff seems to be right up your alley. I don't know if I mentioned this before but it kind of reminds me of the few Sherlock Holms stories that I've read.

Gladis from the LGBT community.

I'd be sure to keep my eyes peel for this one. lol

Yeah, there have been situations in my country where petty crime prisoners are released, so that the police don't have to deal with them. So, yeah, that is indeed a situation in most countries under lockdown.

Hehehe.. I know, I know about the LGBT part.. :)

I like how your characters mimic some of the Bloomsbury group that Virginia Woolf and her husband were part of, along with the other members in the group. You did well!

Oh so you have read the book! I just had browse through online to get a gist and then tie it up to the story. 😊

No, I didn't actually read the book, I read an outline of it, but then I wandered further into their clique, The Bloomsbury Group, and I went off on that path, reading about the group, & their inter-group relationships. It was the "roaring 20s" and that period was given that name for good reason... at least with the Bloomsbury Group it was good reason, lol.

Ah, ok. The roaring 20s was quite roaring even by today's standards. 😊 😊

You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate your fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

Thank you @bananafish! 😊