Day 822: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: Oatmeal

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I have always preferred oat flakes than oatmeal; Although oatmeal is good for making some mixtures and it doesn't show, I like to feel the texture of flaked oats; It is much better when it is integral and not instantaneous. I like to add some dishes from my country, Venezuela. And one of those dishes is what we call Arepa. Why? I will tell you: The precooked cornmeal, with which we prepare our arepas, is made with the corn after extracting the oil and in that process, it loses many of its nutrients (not to say all) so that the fiber it brings the grain before its refining is lost. Adding whole oatmeal in flakes to the precooked cornmeal, makes the latter acquire the fiber that our body needs: Fiber that is soluble in water, causing the digestive process to become a little slower and therefore, will not give us hungry faster. Have you seen that sometimes we eat and in a short time it makes us hungry again? So, we have to look at what we are eating and if it contains some fiber, be it water-soluble or fat-soluble. Granola, a preparation of nuts and oats, is a good way to consume fiber in suitable quantities and with an incomparable flavor. How is granola prepared? It is a very simple recipe, easy to prepare and consume because they can do it with milk, with yogurt for those who are a little celiac or as a snack. I know you will love it, because things if they are made at home, are much better. For these reasons, among others, I prefer whole-grain oatmeal in flakes rather than oatmeal ... unless it's a super banana smoothie with oatmeal, which is spectacular to start the day and will surely satisfy your appetite until the hour of lunch.

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Great explanation! I'm an oatmeal lover, but I cook it forever to get the flavor I want so I don't do it very often.

Cocinado tiene un sabor delicioso, agregando canela y clavo.
Gracias por el comentario, @owasco

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