Day 824: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: Radish

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I don't care about a radish!

I've heard similar expressions for a long time: I don't give a damn, I don't give a cumin, I don't give a ...

The expression is always used to talk about the lack of interest in the matter. But What is the fault of radish?

It is true that there are things so common and that we have seen so much that interest in them is lost. However, these things do not cease to have their importance and their value in life ... and more if it has any nutritional value for us.

The radish contains many elements suitable for our nutrition and maintains good health.
Did you know that radish has properties that prevent fluid retention? You are right. And not only that but also contains vitamin C and elements that take care of the gallbladder and also the liver.

The intestinal transit is very important to take care since a good absorption of nutrients will depend on its state. The fiber found in radish helps in this and prevent abdominal inflammations. Can you imagine someone thin and with a swelling in the abdominal area? It would be like seeing a rope with a knot in the center.

Eating it is very simple: Just wash it well (some remove the skin) and serve it in salads or how they want to eat it. Its contribution of amino acids makes it an excellent ally and that these are responsible for helping vitamins and minerals to fulfill their function correctly while being precursors of neurotransmitters.

And ... How do I know about this? Well, I was a nutritional advisor in a food products company and learned about the wonderful world of health and how to maintain a healthy body.

And finally, I want to tell you that: I do care about radish a lot!

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Well written @oneray, and thank you very much for laying out the nutritional value of radish, it was very interesting to learn, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thank you very much for stopping and commenting.
I appreciate that.

Thanks @oneray, and keep on creating awesome content.

My mother loved radishes dot-dot. I never developed a taste for them and I used to pick them out if they were in a salad. I do eat them now if they are included in a salad but they're still not my favorite flavor. I did not know about their nutritional value and I do appreciate that they include fiber and are good for the gut. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Radishes have many beneficial properties for health.
Thanks for the comment.
A hug.

Oh, yes. In an hour I will be publishing :)
A hug in the distance.

Pretty good writing! ^_^ oh and radish cake is a favorite of mine :) happy weekend!

I did not know that radish cake is made :)
I will look for the recipe to see how it fits me.
Thanks for the comment.

Interesting... I think I never have radish not because I don't know the benefit😃 but because I seldom find it at the traditional market since I was a kid. Beside.. we don't really eat fresh salad on daily based, not part of the culture. I think I gotta try it later..

Found your post because @iamraincrystal featured you in her #payotforward contest post this week. Thanks for sharing this nutritional info with us.

Thanks a lot fot the comment.
I really appreciate that.

Thank you for your informative article.
I found you because @iamraincrystal featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!

Oh! Thanks so much.
I appreciate your nice comment :)
@iamraincrystal is an angel.