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Titi never believed in hearsay, she loved seeing things for her self.


She also loved discussing mysterious things with her friends and grandma, trust me, grandma has so many of such stories to tell and she believed them because it all happened during her time. Well, titi can't doubt her if she really believed in them.

The Bermuda triangle, Titi read and heard ships and aircrafts disappeared there and some people blame it on mysterious powers, ewww. She wondered why it was called the devil's triangle, she's a scientist and she believes there's a scientific reason behind whatever is happening at that part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Titi turned her laptop and lights off as she got lost in her own thoughts. Maybe she just needs to study hard and explore that part of the ocean so the truth will be uncovered. "It will really be a great adventure" said Titi as she fell fast asleep.

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