Day-895-Freewrite Thursday prompt opera singer

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: opera singer

If you've never written a Freewrite before please visit today's post by @mariannewest
When I was working the overnight dutch door at the post office back in the '80s, I had really long hair. This customer came to the window to pick up his company's mail and commented that I looked like that opera singer, Pavarotti. I laughed at him and got an idea. I went online and found a photo of Luciano Pavarotti and printed it out in a 2x2 photo and covered my photo up with that picture. I had that photo ID for almost 15 years before we were issued new ID's after 9/11. When I went to turn in my old ID my supervisor asked me who's photo was on my ID, I told him it was me. He looked at me and looked at the photo, glancing back and forth for almost three minutes. Just as he was about to hand me my new badge I started singing, 'O Sole Mio in tenor. We busted out laughing and he threw me out of his office. Two weeks after issuing of our new badges, I printed a photo of Andrea Bocelli and covered my photo again. Damn I'm glad I retired in 2013.

Freewrite by Bruni

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I enjoyed your writing!

You are so much the prankster @wonderwop.