An introduction to the ZapFic.Club on Hive, Discord and Wordpress!

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Hello everyone!

It's here.

I thought it was time #ZapFic had its own account so I'd like you to welcome the @ZapFic.Club!

There is a new ZapFic.Club discord server and an off-Hive website (ZapFic.Club). Here you'll find The ZapFic Hall of Fame. A list of all the winners of all the ZapFic contests.

Or you will eventually!

I have listed all the winners from week 60 onwards so far. I hope to finish listing the first 59 weeks winners in the next week or so.

I have provided links to the winners' stories from week 100 onwards.

@ZapFic.Club will be upvoting each valid ZapFic (100% upvotes - unless the number of entries each week exceeds 70!).

If you want to support the @ZapFic.Club you can follow the curation trail on Hive.Vote. Delegations are also welcome (but if your account is small please keep your HP for yourself! I want to help grow accounts not strip them of their HP!)

Congratulations to the winners of Week 118: @dirge, @adncabrera, @patriciaurbaneja, @justclickindiva, @sarez

Don't forget you can find all the information on this week's contest here

Happy ZapFic-ing!

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Nice forwarding looking initiative. A ZAPFIC Hall of Fame. Awesome. I'll remember and will visit the off Hive site. But most importantly, I'll finally be able to say I'm in somebody's Hall of Fame, lol.

Thanks for mentioning my Week 118 ZAPFIC win. With all the amazing stories, I'm humbled to be among the entries chosen.

I appreciate all you do for Hive.

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Much success to you!

I feel like this is something I'd really enjoy and probably be not too bad at. Got lots of school work to do though ugh.

I'll catch one soon though

Super excited to be here!!!!🤩