Freewrite: Monday-prompt "TRACTOR"

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Little Johnny woke up one morning and walked to his father’s farm at the back of their house.
Before this day, he had always asked his father about farm machinery that could help lessen the hard work carried out in the farm which was mostly done by Johnny’s dad.
Little Johnny was always so sad every time he saw his father doing the difficult tasks all by himself yet he couldn’t help out because every time he tried to, his father will always go against the will and never allowed him.

According to Johnny’s father, Johnny was still very small and he knew too well, letting a child to do tedious tasks such as the ones he does.
Johnny was always disturbed and bothered. He asked his father about farm tools machinery and one of which was a “TRACTOR”

Walking to their farmland that morning, he saw something strange in their farmland, he walked towards it to have a closer look. Little Johnny couldn’t believe his eyes when he got closer and discovered it was a farm tool machinery, just the right fit. What they needed at the time to make their work more easier; his dad’s work precisely, because he was never allowed to do anything.

Little Johnny was so happy that morning that he jumped up in excitement and rushed back inside the house to find his dad, perhaps for more explanation about the new machine.

Should he have known that day was going to be the last day he was ever going to step a foot in the farmland.
The tractor Johnny saw a while ago wasn't theirs but the new owners of the farmland.
Johnny's dad had sold the farmland out. And this had been their only means of survival.
How could he do such a thing? Johnny asked when he later found out from his dad.

Was it going to be like this from now on? No farmland? no work? No yard to roam and play around?
He was thinking all through the night and felt really sad about it until he slept off.


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Good story with and ending I sure didn't see coming

lol, thank you Sir. I didn't expect it either, that's how the flow just came lol