RE: 近期 @tribesteemup 的点赞价值将被抹去,除非他取消对我的downvote

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近期 @tribesteemup 的点赞价值将被抹去,除非他取消对我的downvote

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Yes, yes, the big man can flop around hurting people who don't hurt him.
I've not flagged one post since the fork.
I wouldn't have supported tsu flagging you, if I was asked.
I didn't ask tsu to support me.
I didn't complain when they didn't support me on hive.
Now I get this?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Yeah, I didn't pull the trigger on those, they were a collective decision
I think any post over the average should get flagged to even things out for the little guys.
I think anybody that votes in excess of 500mv is a punk.
A greedy punk.
A punk that only pushes around those that are weaker.

But, when the fork occurred I thought the collective was wrong in its actions and stopped following their trails.

On hive, less than 1% of votes are flags.
That is too low, imo.
I follow the community effort to end abuse on hive.

If you don't like what they do, join the discussion in the discord and I could support you.
As it is, I support the collective that, at least, attempts to mitigate farming the rewards pool.

So, I have never flagged you on you steem.
I did flag you for abuse in February, apparently.

Excuse the fuck outta me.
What did you lose? .1usd, total?
Pull those numbers and let's see where we are in your retribution distribution.


How have my standards been compromised?
I flag farmers, and payouts larger than average.
Not on steem, though, it went whaleshares.
Now new dickheads are in charge.


Oh look,....


Fuck you

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I have found that @tribesteemup cancel downvotes on at that time, but @tribesteemup
did not cancelled downvotes on @steemflag at that time.

at now, I have found that @tribesteemup cancelled downvotes on @steemflag too, so I will cancel my downvotes ,as my words in my post.

I don't want this to happen again. It's a waste both our vote mana.


Good thinking.


I rebranded there, I posted about it, and mentioned it once, but maybe the right person hasn't heard, yet?