Mushrooms Found On Walk Yesterday After Rain

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The footage is taken on cell phone. I need to get out for walks to get out and get some exercise. I like to look around for mushrooms after it rains. It gives me something extra fun to do on the walk! I even went off trail to try to find more fungus and I did. I found some boletes, some other white mushrooms some big, also some cool looking yellowish mushrooms.

Later I went for a walk outside of the wooded area and found some fine fairy ring mushrooms! Those are pretty cool, I like the patterns. It's raining again today so I will go out there again and look for more fungi. I call searching for mushrooms the mushroom hunt. I'm glad I'm documenting more of what I see. A couple years back I found an amanita mushroom. Haven't seen one since. That's why I like to document them too in case I don't see the same one for awhile or find one I've never seen before.

Here is the video clips I took on my phone

I like how many of them are bigger! More to look at. The yellowish ones may look big but it's more of a close-up.

I also make music and put out a bunch recently. On spotify, youtube etc.

Also have a Bandcamp and a Soundcloud

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Wow! That are awesome mushroom hunt.

Ya! I was surprised I found so many

you have an eye for them! fungi love you xD

Thank you! Can't wait to find some more around soon!!

Looks like you found quite a variety of boletes. The fatter brown ones are boletes. You found some fairy ring mushrooms as well, these are the ones growing in a line in the grass. The bright orange ones are orange mycena. The brown ones on the side of the log might be oysters but I would need to see the gills to confirm.

I was glad to find the boletes! I like the orange mycena. Found some smaller morels earlier this year

Did you find enough morels for a meal?