Words for the Icons - Big Brother Naija TV Reality Show

Every Nigerians are familiar with the Big Brother Naija Show and for the non Nigerians that might not have heard about the show, Big Brother Naija is a TV Reality Show just like the Big Brother show in all other countries.


It is a kind of social experiment where young people, both male and female will be kept in an apartment for a certain number of days. Viewer of the show will keep voting their favorite until the last man standing emerges.

This year's show is the 5th of its kind in Nigeria and it is tagged Big Brother Naija Lockdown 2020 Season 5. Named after the Lockdown that happened this year as a result of Covid-19.

The show started on the 19th of July and came to an end on the 27th of September which makes 71 days. For this year's show, we had 20 contestants , 10 guys and 10 ladies.

The 20 contestants were

  • Ka3na
  • Lilo
  • Eric
  • Tochi
  • Kaisha
  • Tolanibaj
  • Wathony
  • Brigtho
  • Praise
  • Erica
  • Lucy
  • Prince
  • Kiddwaya
  • Trikytee
  • Ozo
  • Vee
  • Neo
  • Nengi
  • Dorathy
  • Laycon


This show was fun as viewers started creating different fan base for the housemates (contestants) and we have different names for the fan bases like Boss Nation, The Caramies, The Elites, Lucination, The Royal Family, Wayademgang, The Superion, Neotribe, The Ninjas, The Explorer, The Icons and so on.

I belong to the Icons. The icons are the fans supporting Laycon who was later crowned the winner of the reality show. So, I'm in the winning team.

[Source](https://dsearch.com/images?q=Icons%20 Laycon)

The show has been interesting most especially from the viewers as there were a lot of fans war and some alliance.

Since the show has now ended and thank God the Icons came victorious, I have some words of advice for the Icons which will help our boy, Laycon

images (2).jpeg

Icons, I want to first congratulate us for the success story we have written. Now that the show has ended and our president has been crowned the winner, we need to activate the next phase.
I suggest that all we need to be doing now is to be promoting Laycon, his name, his music, his brand, celebrate his endorsement and so on.
Please, let us refrain from dragging and trolling others. I repeat, let us refrain from dragging and trolling. It's not good for Laycon's brand. Even when others drag or troll us, let us just ignore. Better still for those that cannot ignore, you can block anybody you don't want to see his or her post in order not to be tempted.
We all know Laycon is a musician and we all want him to excel in his career. So we need everyone, both old and young, male and female, friends and enemies to love and support his music career.
Laycon has taught us all that all we need is to spread love ❤️and light 💡
Let's spread the love and light to everyone (friends and enemies). This is what Laycon will do and this is what he will expect from us.
The competition has ended. Laycon is no more in competition with anyone, so please let's focus on Laycon, his brand and his career and let's spread ❤️+💡
please, let's spread this to all Icons

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