Lyric Poetry Contest Edition 40. Prompt: Sincerity

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Dear friends

Today I present this new edition of the Lyric Poetry Contest, which has been presented consecutively every fortnight.

Returning to the topic that has brought us together now, the 39th edition of the Lyric Poetry Contest has had 9 participants who have delighted us with their prose on a subject as significant as "Strength. We have had the outstanding support of the # Team-CCC, the @emeeseese team, the #TalentClub team as well the support of @steembasicincome.

@croescritosLa fuerza que necesito
@amandajFuerza: sinónimo de mujer
@blanca56Inyectarle fuerza a la vida
@marblelyWith strength...
@anasuleidyEs fuerte este distanciamiento
@sacra97La fuerza de ser madre
@issymarieLa fuerza del cariño
@felixgarciapRed rose
@nayletComo el viento recio


For the 39th edition, I am pleased to participate the winners:


0.1 Hive is awarded to the other participants: @croescritos, @blanca56, @marblely, @sacra97, @issymarie, @felixgarciap and @naylet their contributions have been of value for the contest.


Prizes will be delivered in the next 48 hours.

40th Edition - Prompt: Sincerity

One of the most beautiful jewels that people have is sincerity, with it friendships are strengthened and bonds are established that remain together over the years.

Despite this, we see that in human relationships there is not always sincerity, so there are problems, misfortunes, breakups, with which hearts are injured and their time to heal can last over time.

Lyric poetry allows us to carry these feelings with the pen of our ideas in which to express the deepest of these.

Thus in this edition of lyrical poetry the theme chosen is that of the feelings of sincerity which also have their preferred place on the stage of lyrical poetry.

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[Image design by @felixgarciap with]


One poem per participant in free format that contains the contest prompt is accepted.

Deadine: 11:59 pm UTC, June 21, 2020.

Language: English / Spanish


  • Winner get 2 Share Hive SBI
  • Runner Up get 1 Share Hive SBI


I am pleased to invite my friends @simonjay, @vdux, @antoniarhuiz, @marybellrg, @charjaim, @inspiracion, @doctorlibro, @rosanita, @janettyanez, @javert68justice, @aremontilla, @lanzjoseg, @javiermontilla, @delvapin, @darkfemme, @josegilberto, @salvao, @zeleiracordero, @adncabrera, @hernan27 @lecumberre, @naylet, @mllg, @oacevedo, @isauris, @aurodivys, @maparari, @botefarm, @gaby-crb, @jadms , @aplausos, @evagavilan, @johannfrare, @issymarie, @yohanys, @ntowl, @owasco, @avellana, @wakeupkitty, @marblely, @olivia08, @cloudblade, @jakim7, @hljott @gingbabida @fredkese @mgaft1 @hashzone91 @gertu @joeyarnoldvn @cloudblade @myjob @nathyortiz @daysiselena @theresa16 @olivia08 @aaliyahholt @celinavisaez @dulce160 @jurich60 @wendyth16 @lanzjoseg @josyweed @botefarm @josyweed @botefarm @metzli @daysiselena @sarimanok @kgwork @redheadpei @wakeupkitty @wakeupkitty.pal @putu300 @victoriaxl @angelro @oscarina @yasny @mers @mariannis @robinsonr810 @sarimanok @diosarich @ahmanik47 @sacra97 @betzaelcorvo @malvyconejero @zhanavic69 @evagavilan @antoniarhuiz @yujomar @mllg @lisfabian @renataborea, @giocondina, @kismar and @sincroniadivina, @amandaj.

I have to emphasize that from now on we can use the #ccc tag to promote the literary creations that we present for the contest, an exception has been made by them since their rules establish that the length of the contributions must have an extension of + 200 words or failing three original photographs. Also make a mention of them at the end of the article.

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Felicitaciones a las amigas @amandaj y @anasuleidy ganadoras de la edición 39, con el tema de Fortaleza.
Gracias por el nuevo concurso, @felixgarciap
Aquí de jo mi participación para esta Edición

Gracias por reconocer el trabajo de todos.
Contenta con mi participación y felicidades a @anasuleidy.
Prof. @felixgarciap le felicito por un proyecto flexible, desafiante y motivador.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores de esta semana. Acudo, luego de un tiempo sin pasar por aquí, a mostrar mi participación en esta semana 40.

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Project Activity Update

Wow gracias por mi premio, por el concurso, por la oportunidad de expresarme y gracias a todos los compañeros por sus sinceros deseos.
Desde ya activa para inspirarme con la sinceridad.

Felicito a los ganadores, aunque participe no se porque no fue vista mi post, esta semana estaré más pendiente.

Hola @naylet, paso que se te olvido colocar el enlace en el post del llamado al concurso, voy a ir a tu Blog para ubicar tu post y lo editare para incluirte, Saludos.

Espero leerte

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Felicitaciones @amandaj y @anasuleidy por ser ganadores en Poesía lírica, 39th edition participate the winners.
Gracias por el premio de participación y la invitación querido profesor @felixgarciap.

Mi participación:

Thank you for hosting this contest. Good luck to all participants. We gave you an upvote. Greetings @team-ccc.

Thank you very much. Happy weekend @team-ccc.

Congratulations to the winners. I doubt I can join but good luck to all. An upvote for you my friend. 💕

Hi @wakeupkitty, you are always welcome, these are times of reflection and friendship. Receive my affections.

Thank you my friend but it feels to me my days here are over. Hardly internet and connection to...