My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY ❬❬April 02, 2020❭❭ Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.43"

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Estimados amigos

Today our cyber friend @freedomshift has launched a new challenge for us asking for our opinion on what today's day represents to us.

Frequently the beginning of each month represents for me an opportunity to achieve new goals, however now the wheel of society has stopped and only marches to a minimum product of the declaration of emergency with cessation of non-essential activities for reasons of quarantine to prevent expansion of the virus crown.

In particular, today is very sad since, in addition to being affected in my family by this measure, I have my youngest daughter living outside of Venezuela and now with the uncertainty of what may happen in the near future.

I would like to be more optimistic but the experts predict that the economic and health problems are going to get worse and so far there has been no response to effectively solve the problems on the part of governments and world leaders.

Now, daily, we receive alarming new data on how the situation is with more countries joining those affected, a situation that particularly saddens me.

I only ask the Lord to help us in these moments of calamity and we will overcome this gap with the assurance that He never abandons us.

Awaiting your upvotes, comments and resteem



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Thank you for joining this contest. Alril's fool?
An upvote for you.

I wonder how many people infected etc you have. With us it's decreasing since March 16 and still is. It's not the praying that helps but changing people's attitude. No matter if this virus is man made, the disease is provoked by 5G or it's the wind.
Stay safe.