Take A Pic Round 19 - The Hunt for Something Red

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Red is often associated with love, power, heat and passion.
It also gives a sense of boldness, provocation, aggression and dominance. Red is a seeker of attention and adding red to a plain background does add colour to the plain-ness of a space.

In psychology, when one wears red, be it a red tie or a red blouse or a red jacket, it is to exude some form of power over another.

According to https://www.colorpsychology.org/red/:

It is the color associated with energy and aggression. Red has an effect on our physiological state, since it increases heart rate and makes us breathe faster. Red is very noticeable, so an overuse can be irritating or provoke aggression. A red accent on a neutral background can help draw attention to a single element.

Red is usually not my colour of choice.
I wouldn't wear red if I could help it but I do wear red t-shirts for certain occasions. Occasionally, I do buy red stuffs, just to add some colour.

So today, I went hunting for something red today and I came to realise that I do have quite a number of red items.
I dug from within my fridge and I found some red birds eye chilis:
Take a pic.jpg
Mind you, these little babies (about 3 to 5 cm in length) are very spicy and a small bite will burnnnnn your tongue! If you are not one can handle chili, never bite into this, not even a teeny weeny bite.

I also found some red apples:
Not super red but red nonetheless :D

I am a watermelon fan and I usually have some in the fridge. I decided to slice some while pausing from hunting for red:
This watermelon is juicy and sweeeeeet!

After I finished chomping down the apple and watermelon, I continued my hunt and saw my red Nescafe mug. One of those freebies that you get when you buy a packet or two:

I also found a red heat pad for pots in the shape of a maple leaf:

Hey, I have a red shopping bag too!

And a red floor mat:

Take a guess what this is....
Nope. It is not a racket.
It is an insect swiper! :D It stuns insects within seconds.

Nearby, there was the lightweight hand drill:

On the table was this red tissue box cover, a souvenir from a trip to Thailand eons ago:

Last but not least, my red slippers:

It is quite nice having these items around the house, adding colour to the overall of things.

Happy Saturday everyone!

All photos were taken using my faithful iPhone 6 and resized on Canva.

This is my entry to @olivia08's TAKE A PIC Contest ROUND 19 - Something red.


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Thank you much!

Well done my dear @marblely. Thank you for the very beautiful post. I appreciate the effort you give and you deserve the huge curation as well from other people.

Thank you @olivia08. It was fun hunting for something red and I was surprised but very thankful for the upvote.

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I'm so happy for you dear.

An upvote for you and a great weekend.

Thank you and have a great weekend too!

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So much red around!