Goals for this year 2020

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Dear Steemians

I arrived here thanks to the invitation of @wakeupkitty, who has been an excellent guide on Steemit, saying that @davidke20 proposes a great challenge to write the goals, how I intend to achieve them and the achievements for this year, which I thought was great, since, the books teach that anything you want to achieve and not be written, is simply a dream that will not be fulfilled.

To be active in this challenge, we must write our goals and say how we will achieve them in a monthly publication that includes the # hasil2020 tag. Why should it be monthly? To make the necessary follow-up and corrections to our work plan. This is easy to do.!


The good news that @davidke20 stops by to support you but you get rewarded as well directly into your wallet.
There is no sharing with curators or chance you are not paid out because your post has not enough upvotes.

My goals for the first quarter of the year are:

  • Actively participate in the Freewriters and CCC communities, in which I am starting.
  • Increase my SP from 212 to 500, through better posts and comments (upvotes).
  • Learn more about Steemit and how to be more influential.

I will be sharing my progress in the next publication, which will be in a month, and I will surely set new goals

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Sounds really good. Now break it down, 500- 212=288 so every month you need 288 ÷ 12months = 24SP a month. Here is !tip 1 for you

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Thanks a lot, @davidke20.
It's really good to participe.
A hug

These are his goals for the quarter to he has to achieve this at April 1st, the SP I mean.

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🎁 Hi @oneray! You have received 1.0 STEEM tip from @davidke20!

@davidke20 wrote lately about: Tire Talk - Big Or Small Wheels For Comfort Feel free to follow @davidke20 if you like it :)

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Look forward to seeing your minnow status😎

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Great you join. That makes another upvote for you.

If these are your target for this use three months how bout the rest of 2020?

Happy day 👍💕

I have a lot of goals for this year. I am ordering them in order of priorities and the method of reaching them for republishing. Thanks for your advice, @wakeupkitty.

Looking forward to read more about all your goals 👍

Tip: If you use #hive-166850 (= #ccc) + the invitation of CCC you can get an upvote for each post from @team-ccc not only for the ccc- contests you join if you write 200+ words or less + at least 3 photos.

I understand @wakeupkitty. I will follow your advice :)

Welcome to Steem!

Thanks, @shaidon for your comment and support

You can do it @oneray! Keep STEEMing!

Thanks @marblely for your support.

My goal is not to set goals.
Darn! I just failed.... ;)

Tag + invitation = upvote.

We gave you an upvote. Good luck. 👍🏻