My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY, Jan. 23, 2020, Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.33"

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What does today mean to me?
It has been a wonderful experience, meeting so many beautiful people in Steemit. People who give you their experience so that there is exponential growth.

Such is the case of my friend @wakeupkitty, which has been an excellent guide on Steemit. She invited me saying that @ davidke20 has proposed a challenge to write my goals and how I intend to achieve them. I thought it was great because I have read in the books that everything I want to achieve without writing it, is simply a dream that will not be fulfilled.

To participate in the challenge, we must write our objectives and explain how we will achieve them in a monthly publication that includes the # hasil2020 tag.

In the same way, @wakeupkitty, told me about the challenge driven by @freedomshift who makes a weekly publication and promises to continue publishing it. This post will serve as the "Contact @freedomshift" page for all matters or contact him in discord at @freedomshift # 9691. Then, I decided to participate.

Today, that I am measuring my progress, I feel deeply grateful for so many blessings and progress in the proposed goals:

One of them was: Actively participate in the communities. And I am doing it three times because I have received invitations to different communities in which I participate in the time I have available for this. It has been great learning.

Another goal is to increase my SP from 212 to 500, through better posts and comments. And I am doing it because in these 12 days it has been growing and I am doing well according to the plan outlined:

Another goal is to learn more about Steemit: I am learning to use Steempeak, Steem Word,, and although I can't understand everything it shows, I try to make the most of these tools.

Within 2 weeks, following the plan, my SP should be at 308. This is good for me and it would be much better if it were higher.

And one last goal I have for this quarter is to be an active curator in some community. For that, I would have to make some adjustments in the distribution of my available time to see how it works.

What does today mean to me? It means times of changes to improve on the platform and in my life, in the relationship with my family and people around me. It means we can all change the things we don't like and improve the things we like. It means that I was able to wake up with new dreams and wanting to eat the world when every morning I say: Hey, today I come with more force to produce as much welfare as possible to my life ... and from there, share it with everyone who surrounds.

#CCC = #hive-166850
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You grow fast! Well done. I hope you make all your goals come true and the other participants pay you a visit too.

Use the tag #hasil2020 so they can find you!

¡Usa la etiqueta # hasil2020 para que puedan encontrarte!

I invite the other #hasil2020 participants @davidke20
@wongbraling (CCC-member)
@sacra97 (CCC-member)
@felixgarciap (CCC-member)
@marblely (CCC- member)
@gertu (CCC-member)
@oneray (CCC-member)
@mllg (CCC-member) to encourage you and leave a comment.

It became better since I have this goals and the need to update my achievements every month.
If any of the other contestants of #hasil2020 is reading this, please tag me in you post, it easier for me to find you while replying to other 😅

@heartbeat1515 I let you know ifvthey read it and will push around a bit. For me it is easier to stay focussed if I update each week. It's really hard to.find an update back. ❤️

True. I guess I'm going to start updating weekly to again.

@heartbeat1515 I am looking forward to it. I believe we are the only ones. 💕

Only us? Well, I'm still having fun though.

@heartbeat1515 Peehaps the rest doesn't care about giving an update if they already receive support?
I go on plus have something to write about.

Maybe or maybe they haven't reach the target so they are waiting for something to update on. I found few of them already. 5 of us.

El crecimiento ha sido por el apoyo y orintación de muchos steemians, que como tú, prestan su tiempo para ayudar a los más pequeños.
Nuevamente, gracias a todos.

Thank you.
The growth has been through the support and guidance of many steemians, who like you, lend their time to help the little ones.
And again, thanks to everyone.

@oneray You are welcome and deserve it!❤️

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Onward to minnowhood!

@alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 84.55%

Hahaha. Thanksssss. Total focus on the goal

Thank you for joining this contesr. We gave you an upvote. Good luck!