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-Good morning honey. Did you rest well?
-Yes. And you?
-Whenever I sleep by your side I do it.
-I hope to see every morning how the sun illuminates your face
-The best thing is that I fall in love more with you.
-I love you
-Me too.


This is my entry to @felt-buzz's Tell me a tale in 240 characters or less...

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Love always! <3

I love to come here and find nice things. I hug you with love! @oneray

Thank you so much :)
Me too.

🤣 That "me too" does it!
Well done. 👍💕

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Thanks, @wakeupkitty. You deserve many good things.
A hug

@oneray So do you! Thank you for your kindness. 💕

I really like this... But it is slightly too long. Could you edit it so it is 240 characters or less?

Of course :)

Ready, my dear

Thank you for being a member. You received an upvote. 👍🏻