Dr. Oetker day - food made out of powder

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Yesterday I wrote For the lazy cook.

It was a post about making tomato soup out of powder. If you are really lazy you a dad only water to it and warm it up.

Today it was "Dr. Oetker" day.
For some reason, the children at school were given a bag filled with food products produced by this brand.
It depends on the country that is available and what we get we seldom like. All products were or are close to the expiry date.

We received many of these one portion bags.
If you wonder what it is... this should be... Breakfast: oatmeal with chocolate and raspberries.

It looks brown, it smells terrible (the chemical raspberries, already its smell makes me sick) and I do not smell chocolate. I have strong doubts about the "cocoa".

Add 150 ml boiling water, stir and wait at least 3 minutes.
That is not hard and what you see on the photo is what it looks like.
I do not smell chocolate only that terrible smell that makes me feel sick. I will feed it to the bus-kid, who knows it tastes if you cannot smell anything.

I tried two tablespoons and it tastes like... nothing. If you like this there's something seriously wrong with you! At first we intended to leave the bag with "Dr Oetker" behind outside of the shop. Perhaps someone likes it but we decided to try this out ourselves first.

Where is the chocolate Dr Oetker?

After 4-5 minutes it looks like this.
It still tastes disgusting and I take it with me if I pick up the bus-kid.

Oh man, he smells it too. He does eat it but is so disappointed. Dr. Oetker is fooling us. There is no chocolate, real cocoa, added to this food and those chemicals contain a lot of calories for such a small portion.

I could use it in cake, waffles or pancake dough but it will not add some taste to it only chemicals and calories I do not want. If I gain weight it better be with the food I really like.

The big chance I drop it at the crazy neighbor's house. She might like it. This is not what I will feed my dogs either and my daughter needs food too but will be disappointed for sure if it does not taste like chocolate.

More food made out of powder is coming up @hearbeat1515.

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Who/wat looked pretty scary? 🤔

That stash of oat 😅

It does indeed. The youngest told only one kid in her class liked it. Each kid received 16 bags... We tried to make it taste better by adding cocoa and sugar. It tastes a bit better but the smell.. 😖

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Thank you for letting me know. I wish you a great day. 💕

Howdy wakeupkitty! Very interesing...that stuff looks terrible! lol. Only if starving was the alternative would I eat that. Hey, I am sorry for being so late this week regarding my looking up the League contest winners.

I saw that you won again, good for you! And I transferred 5 steem to you a little while ago.

Hi their. It looks terible and tastes even worse. The oatleaf should be 40%. I think it's mainly cornmeal with some oatmeal flakes you have to search for and the cocoa is not cocoa but ? plus ? (They say cocoa + sugar) as soon as you pour whot water on it the terrible smell is even worse.

Yesterday we tried to make it tastr better by adding sugar and real vocoa piwder to it. Even my kid with the bad nose says it smells like chemicals. It's good I am not starving. I prefer some hot water instead.ever

Thank you for the Steem.😘
I am always behind if it comes to the league because the post is too heavy to load with my slow connection.

I wish you a great weekend. 💕

Thanks so much for the interesting reply and you are very welcome for the steem, you sure earned it!

@janton i thank you again. 💕