Update #hasil2020 - Jan. 12, 2020

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It is #hasil2020 update time!

If you like to join this challenge publish your achievements for 2020 + write how you intend to make them come true.
The targets I set for 2020 I published the end of December 2019.

An update about how you are doing is expected in the first week of each month!
I intend to give a weekly update mainly to stay focussed and because of my struggle for weight loss. @davidke20 started a fitness challenge too. You can join him with this contest too. See his account. I will eat less and try out "muscle contractions" instead.

My weight goes up and down.

I am not sure if I can trust my scales. It seems to live a life of its own. I wish I could ignore all the food but I can not. Most times I do not feel hungry but I miss a certain taste in my mouth. Drop and chewing gum help a bit.

What I ate in the past week.

  • tuna (canned, 1x),
  • omelette with cheese (2x),
  • brown + kidney beans (2x),
  • kind of sausages (3x),
  • cheese,
  • drop,
  • chewing gum (daily),
  • butter cake (2 pieces),
  • a hand (fist) filled with peanuts and
  • I drank between 21-30 liters of warm water/tea.

Yesterdays meal
One omelette made of two small eggs and cheese at 1:30 pm and some peanuts about 1 hour later.



Antihistamine (once)

Note: My digestion is very slow. 500 Kcal and 7 carbohydrates a day will make me lose weight. The question is for how long will this work?

Weight last Sunday (January 5th): 65
Monday: 65
Thursday: 64.1
Friday: 64.3
Saturday: 64.7
Sunday: 63.8

I am not sure how this can be. I guess the fact I went to bed early and drank less is one reason.

I set 4 more targets.

Update January 12, 2020,

  1. Retirement 145 /600
  2. Car: 220 / 1500
  3. Visa card: 232.59/1200
  4. SP: 2479 / 4500
  5. Weight: 63.8 / 61

So far there are only changes if it comes to my SP, weight and Visa/credit card.
My savings can only increase at the end of the month after I received my payment.
I had to buy calling credit and used the visa card for it.

I need to save about 200 euro each month for these 3 saving goals (#1, #2, #3) only if I want to make it. I need extra for the car test in April.

Goal for next week

Saving as much as possible on shopping money. We eat what we have stored.
I need extra for gas/petrol and didn't count on the fact I drive way more now.

#hasil2020 is hosted by @davidke20 and @victoria-bella.


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Thank you @davidke20. Happy Sunday. 💕

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Thank you very much. 💕

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Hola @wakeupkitty. Al leer su publicación, puedo ver que es un desafío que enfrenta con sus objetivos; Principalmente, el de perder peso es uno de los más complejos, debido al efecto de rebote que produce muchas veces.

Para lograr el objetivo de perder peso y mantenerlo, es necesario normalizar el metabolismo. ¿Y cómo se logra esto?
Hay varios factores a considerar:

  • Siempre come a la hora
  • Coma frutas: cuando se levante y con el estómago vacío y entre las comidas principales.
  • Beba agua lejos de las comidas, al menos una hora antes o después de ellas. Bebe agua para mantenerte hidratado y evitar que la fibra que consumes ralentice tu metabolismo. La medicina china recomienda beber agua a temperatura ambiente, justo al despertar, para activar los órganos blandos.
  • Coma alimentos ricos en fibra. Si no tiene fibra lo que come, puede agregar
  • Haz ejercicios cardiovasculares, para acelerarlo y perder peso.

Espero que todos tus objetivos se puedan lograr. ¡Nada es imposible para aquellos que creen e implementan un plan!

Me gustó este desafío porque una vez que leí en un libro lo siguiente: "Quien no planea alcanzar el éxito, ya ha planeado fracasar"
Dr. Camilo Cruz

Gracias por detenerte. Si no lo intentas ya has perdido. Tomo 3-4 litros de agua porque si mi enfermedad y problemas de deshidratación. Solo puedo comer fruta una vez por semana. Me hace subir de peso demasiado. Solo tengo comidas, no meriendas en Beyween. No puedo comer mucho y no puedo hacer ejercicio. Sus consejos son para personas sanas. No soy. Lo único que puedo hacer es sacar el máximo provecho.

Thank you for stopping by. If you not try you already lost. I drink 3-4 liters of water because if my illness and dehydration problems. I can only eat fruit about once a week. It makes me gain weight too much. I have only meals no snacks in beyween. I can not eat much and cannot exercise. Your tips are for people who are healthy. I am not. The only thing I can do is make the best out of it.

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Then, You can do it. You can to reach all of your goals.
I believe in you.

@oneray I hope so. Thank you for your support. ❤️

An upvote for you. Thanks for being a member.

Thank you very much. 💕

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I hope to write a post this week for #hasil2020, gather some of the goals from my Looking Back/Look Forward posts. It can be any set of goals right?

@marblely I saw your post. You wrote a great one. 👍

Thank you @wakeupkitty! Inspired by you :)

@marblely Goid to hear. 👍🏻💕