My 1,000 LEO stacked challenge: + 80% complete

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Exactly 20 days ago, I decided to share a personal challenge that was for me to reach the goal of 1,000 LEO in my account and at the time I didn't start from scratch, I already had a significant amount staked around 479 LEO token. Today, June 9th, I see that my progress is going very well.

The price in comparison at that time grew a lot and now the LEO token is quoted at 0.2147 Hive and while I am writing I have no doubt that it will hit 0.22, this is clearly due to the fact that the various services available that Leofinance created, a united community where curation is highly effective and strengthens and motivates more and more authors, at this point 1 LEO token costs $ 0.054.

Analyzing the updated values ​​my 817 LEO staked cost an average of US $ 43.96 and if you are still in doubt about attending the Leofinance community that grows more each day, don't worry, there is still time to be part of this giant family. No matter how much you have in your account, each fraction stake will join in your next payments and thus get to where I am now, because most of the LEO I own was for winning writing posts.

I realized that there are still 10 days left to finish a month and seeing my last posts in the next 7 days I believe I can reach 1k LEO before 30 days. This community won me over in such an incredible way that I just have to thank everyone who helped me get where I am on this journey and when I reach the 1k goal I will double for sure.

PS: This is just a personal opinion and should not be taken to any kind of professional analysis to take certain investment attitudes as the basis for this post. Any decision must be made exclusively by you.


Versão em português

Há exatos 20 dias, decidi compartilhar um desafio pessoal que era para eu atingir a meta de 1,000 LEO em minha conta e na época eu não comecei do zero, já possuía uma quantidade significativa apostado cerca de 479 LEO token. Hoje em dia 09 de junho vejo que meu progresso está indo muito bem.

O preço em comparação naquela época cresceu muito e agora o LEO token é cotado a 0.2147 Hive e enquanto estou escrevendo não tenho dúvidas que vai bater os 0.22, isso claro se deve ao fato dos diversos serviços disponíveis que Leofinance criou, uma comunidade unida onde a curadoria é altamente eficaz e fortalece e motiva cada vez mais os autores, nesse momento 1 LEO token custa $ 0,054.

Analisando com os valores atualizados meus 817 LEO apostados custam em média US$ 43.96 e se você ainda está em dúvidas em frequentar a comunidade Leofinance que mais cresce a cada dia, não se preocupe, ainda dá tempo de fazer parte dessa família gigante. Não importa com quanto você tem em sua conta, cada fração apostado irá se juntar em seus próximos pagamentos e assim chegará onde estou agora, pois a maior parte dos LEO que possuo foi por ganhar escrevendo posts.

Eu percebi que ainda restam 10 dias para finalizar um mês e vendo os meus ultimos posts nos próximos 7 dias eu creio que consigo chegar nos 1k LEO antes dos 30 dias. Essa comunidade me conquistou de uma forma tão incrível que só tenho que agradecer a todos que me ajudaram a chegar onde estou nessa jornada e quando chegar na meta dos 1k irei dobrar com certeza.

PS: Essa é apenas uma opinião pessoal e não deve ser levada a nenhum tipo de análise profissional para tomar certas atitudes de investimento como base neste post. Qualquer decisão deve ser tomada unicamente exclusiva por você.


Thanks for reading so far. If you liked it, give that strength with your upvote and rate me. Feel free to leave a comment .Thanks guys!


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you have little to overcome that goal, I hope you reach 1000 very soon

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Thank you! There is little left and we will move on.

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So excited to see that I have a seconder in pursuing a solid stake of the Bullish LEO token. Good stride @coyotelation, you're soon there and I hope you'll set a higher target.


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Thank you very much and you are one of those who inspire me to continue on this journey! It is gratifying to be in this community and to see its growth and be part of it all.

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Thanks for trusting and trying out. Sure, you won't get discouraged. Already, LEO is heading towards 0.3HIVE.

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You will get there @coyotelation. It feels good to see your account grow doesn't it? The appreciation in token price was just an added bonus.

I keep adding even when the token price was dropping from .3 down to .025. The potential of LEO was always there for me and we now are seeing it to appear.

Over the next couple months, I expect we will see a great deal many updates as more features are rolled out.

Exciting times ahead.

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Thank you for always believing in me. I always try to follow your precious tips too. One of the things I like here is also the vision and experience of people. We learn to have more experiences through the reports we see here.

This bonus is really cool! And I believe it is only the beginning. Looking forward to future updates. Thank you so much for making dreams come true. If I can, others will also be able to reach their goals in LEO.

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The key is to keep growing your account so that you can help others to achieve their LEO goals.

The more powerful your account is through your efforts, the more you can help others who are seeking to make a statement with theirs.

You are going to inspire others.

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Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas, obrigado!


Keep going, bro. I know you can do it!

Thank you friend and you are one of those who help me achieve these goals. I am forever grateful.

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