How Crypto and Blockchain Technology Has Impacted My Personal Finance

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Hello all friend,
This post is my entry for the initiative by @theycallmedan

How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?

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Lets start with the How I come across the crypto world first....

Two year back I start digging about the crypto. I am always tanksful to the @moneyguruu, the person introduce me to the word of crypto.
It was the time when I used to watch YouTube videos in free time and ! come across a video by @moneyguruu, which takes about the faucets - &
The video create my interest in crypto and start exploring about the crypto world. In the next video @moneyguruu talk about the steemit platform and immediately create a account (it took one week too approve).
The joining was very interesting as many people following the @moneyguruu channel apply for the steemit account and almost all get it approved within week time. We all created a telegram group and start sharing the post so that we all can upvote each other (it was a nice plan but not worked).
During the next three month time I seen a number of people left the platform and only a few (I can count of fingers) were using on regular basis. I does no loose my hope and keep exploring the new things, contests extra to grow my account (my financial condition does not allow me to invest the money in my hand).

Start playing then dapp games....

After some months posting on platform I come across a post by @rentmoney about the @splinterlands game and he was offering a account to play for sharing basis. I give it a try and I love the game so much that I present my game account worth more then the Hive account. My wife and myself play the rented account and afterwards I decide to play with my own account. I invested some HBD, I accumulated from the daily posting and started my playing. At present my total collection worth more then $1500 (I barely used hive or any other medium to invest in game). Still date the game helps me to powerup my account.

Engagement and CTP

The CTP community was the another truing point which attracted me toward the secondary layer token. I join the #iamalivechallenge initiative by @flexz and it helps me a lot by engagement. Before that my prime focus was the splinterlands game but after joining the challenge I try to interact more and more with the other participants. Which is must if you wanna grow on platform.

Financial Aspect

Till date I have not withdraw any amount from the platform, reason - I wanna grow more and power up my account which will eventually help me in the future. I believe in the platform and created a account for my kid also (which is 2.5 yea old), me and my wife operate the account for now and I wanna make sure that when I will hand over the account to my daughter, it must have sufficient amount of crypto, so that she don't have to worry about teh finance.

Although I have not withdrawal any amount from the Hive but still it effects my life a lot. Before joining the platform in my free time I waste my time on facebook on watching the serials, which is not the case now.
At present it does not effect my Personal Finance, but I feel that the Hive will be my second source of income in the future. I am planning to buy a 4 wheel vehicle and I wanna crypto to be contribute in that. If will not effect only me but also the persons near to me, and that will change their thinking about the crypto words too.

Thanks for stopping by....


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