Weekly Earning Report - MY JOURNEY @SPLINTERLANDS - Play and earn Crypto

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Hello all Splinterlands lovers,


This week I miss one quest .
Total no of battles played was 61 as compare to last week of 51 battles.
This season I am playing one more account also, thanks to @beeyou for contest and lettings me chance to play @chasingunicorns account.

Summery of Last Week (23rd November to 29th November 2020)

Total Quest Completed - 06

Total Battle Played - 63

Reward Card ($ Value) - $0.915 Aprox

Ranked battle DEC Earning - 1698 Aprox

Tournament DEC Earning - 0

Quest DEC Rewards - 429

Total DEC - 2127 (which is aprox $1.78)

Total Weekly Earning in $ - $2.70

Best Card Pulled from Chest - Flame Monkey


Flame Monkey has melee attack, and belongs to the Fire Splinter card which cost 1 mana to summon.

If you have not started playing yet feel free to use my referrer link at the end of post.

Now my four summoners (Rare) are of lvl4 and one dragon (common) is of lvl5 😊

Here is current evaluation of my account.


Here is Splinterlands Market Cap.


I am a member of Team Possible Power Guild. To join the discord group click on link
You will find really nice people and informative too.

Thanks for stopping by my Post.

Don't forget to follow and upvote.

If you new and want to try the game here is my affiliation link
You can joint the official discord group also (please find the link at the end of the post).

Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.



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Nice! Got started with Splinterlands a few weeks ago, getting the hang of it

Game is addicted ... need any help please feel free to ask....

Hey @pieternijmeijer, here is a little bit of BEER from @guurry123 for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well, it's a nice report.
That gold foil flame monkey is a nice one.

Thanks for support....