Hershey's Claims Halloween Celebrations are OK!

Hershey's has a blog post teaching people the "correct" way to trick or treat during the Global Pandemic.

They have tips on how to maintain social distancing while somebody comes to their door and screams "trick or treat" at them...

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 11.53.04 PM.png

This screen shot is of their page which has updated covid numbers, telling you which places in the US it is "safe" to trick or treat.

Even those in the "Red" areas are encouraged to have "intimate gatherings." They don't specify whether it is safe to invite Grandma or Not...

All in the spirit of saving Halloween

I really wish Hershey's had pivoted instead of trying to stuff traditional trick or treating into the agenda. I have a Pinterest Board full of Social Distance Halloween Ideas for my kids and their cousins.

I will be making different "treat bags" like gloves filled with candy, and simple crochet bags (filled with candy) and hiding them in the backyard. Each kid will get a flashlight and will go out and find their treat bags.

According to [this article by Consumer Affairs Halloween is the "Black Friday" of the Candy Industry and is responsible for 10% of their yearly sales. Saving Halloween is really about saving Hershey's Bottom line.

Don't they know that I am ready to buy Full Sized Candy Bars, and Pumpkin Shaped Chocolates, and Peanut Butter Skulls coated in chocolate?

Boo Hershey's. You had months to prepare and are choosing to stuff a "Holiday" down our throat instead of pivoting.

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I think it's amazing platform, to get to know where to move to and being careful

I think it is extremely dangerous.

Where I live, the pandemic has affected us to the point where everyone personally knows someone who has been sick, and everyone knows someone who has been personally affected by a covid related death.

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