My Newest STEEM-Engine Token

Once upon a time, I invested in STEEM-Engine tokens.

Silly me thought they were backed in STEEM.

They are not.

But they are still so cool!

Instead of trading back my tokens for a minimal price (still thinking about that price drop makes me SMH), I decided to put them to use.

So I set up a "Reading Club" and gave it a token called "Pages."

Introduction to PAGES token .jpg
I host a reading competition with my kids, and whoever reads the most pages gets a $50 USD gift certificate to buy whatever books they want from whatever store.

The Challenge usually lasts about six weeks, sometimes two months, and it really encourages my children.

But I have a hard time logging their pages, adding them up, keeping them in a journal easy for everyone to see.

Having a token solves this issue.

Now, after a kid reads a book, I send them the number of pages with the name of the book they read in the memo.

The Engine adds them up for you and has a record of the book titles and their page numbers.

I presented it to my kids today and they LOVED it.

The price to create the token was minimal. (less than 1USD) In fact, it felt so cheap, that I created a first token and mistakenly called it "page" instead of "pages" - and didn't even mind so much...

The learning experience for my children and me is invaluable.

I even went ahead and traded from one existing account to another, to give the token a value. Now when I log into my steem-engine, it looks like I have thousands of dollars available.

Which is a really cool feeling and a great manifestation tool :)

I look forward to playing some more with this technology.

If this works well, I might just have to make a token called "chores"...

Ideally I would do all my work on the Hive-Engine, but the steem-engine is so cheap to work with right now, it would be silly to pay $20USD instead of $1USD

Although it does seem like someone started playing with the market, and now the prices are going higher. Still, not high enough to be expensive.

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What an interesting idea @metzli! I hope you are successful with it!


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You’re officially the coolest crypto mom I know Thays such a bad ass idea! Hope you can get more parents and kids involved could be something bigger than you expect seems like an idea worth taking as far as no pressure though

Thank you!

A reading teacher is always thinking of ways to get kids to read.

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Muy biena idea para incentivar los niños en la lectura, podrias haber diseñado una nueva metodlogía para hacer que todos lean.

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Cuando era "reading teacher" les hacia dinero de papel a los ninos y les vendia juguetitos. Les gustaba bastante. Esto es muy similar. Gracias.

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Guau eso esta bien para incemtivar a los niños en la lectura.