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The lack of a functional mortgage program in any society will encourage a whole lot of corruption, in most uncivilized nations of the world, that is what is killing them and won’t allow them to come out of a corruption free society, it will take a lot of time for most countries to become free, if they fail to look into this situation sternly.

Come to think of it, so many government are ready to fight out corruption when were no single form of mortgage in place for citizens of that country, it will indeed be difficult to fight corruption. Without a system for mortgage in a county, it will make most workers that are eligible for retirement and that are still leaving in a rented apartment to go ahead and steal money from the government just to have a shelter of his/her own after retirement.

This is where any government ready to fight corruption should begin from, create a level ground for mortgage system in the county, when it is not there it encourages high level of corruption. If we should fight corruption first there should be a provision where every citizen will be able to own property of their own and pay for it little by little, for some couple of years.

If this is done adequately, observe, you will find out no one would steal just to be able to get the most important things of life, the idea of mortgage system in a country will go a long way in stopping corruption. In most civilized country America for instance do you know 97% of its citizens have not get a hold of $11,000 but there are owners of properties. And that’s what I am talking about, now tell me will someone still have the idea of stealing from the government?

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