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Will love to say a little about blockchain and how it can make live better, being a blogger for one year now i can testify. blogging has kind of change things for good in my life. before then i will just go round with my smart phone using it to watch videos online wasting data from one browser to the other not even aware that i can use my phone to learn as well as earn money from blockchain. the most interesting part about this blockchain is, you get to earn a whole lot of money just through posting of photos and creative write ups, so facinating

And hive is one place to achieve this, did you know just last month i was able to sell some hive after selling i use the cash to buy few clothes online before you know it was delivered to me very simple, i am glad i found a place where i can work at ease without no one bossing me around, i do my thing and get paid. i don't have to go job hunting no more, and with this things are getting better.

Blockchain as well help business men and women achieve very good business benefits. including brighter transparency, it as well enhanced good security systems, improved traceability, helps brings speed while doing any transaction, and reduced the costs.


Blockchain is a decentralized coordinated system use for storing vital electronic records, that would be so difficult to hack or cheat. its a distributed larger use for crypto currencies.

Even in an economy blockchain can help in so many ways, when there is a pause in a nations economy or let me say a nation going through recession, you as an individual can still earn, transfer money or other crucial things from one person to another. I see the world moving to another dimension via blockchain in the next years to come.

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