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I think everyone here have some favourite dapp and I hope everyone is promoting his favourite dapp either by writing it about here, writing about them in other social media or by the word of mouth.

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So in bid to promote the Leofinance more (I guess you all are already aware of @khaleelkazi twitter promotion event.) Leofinance is exploring the other avenues to promote itself. Recently @trumpman started the reddit page for LeoFinance. @trumpman and @katerinaramm also setup the facebook page for the Leofinance.
In my current bid to promote Leofinannce I created one article on Publish0x to attract some new user to LeoFinance. Please feel free to visit the article and put your thoughts on comment.

So I will like to listen your ideas about how do you promoted your favorite Dapp?

Please feel free to join the below social media profile of LeoFinance.


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