Splinterland's thriller using (super)sneak monster.

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Sneak ability allow the monster to attack the last monster which is just opposite of standard game where monster generally attack the first opponent monster. But what happens if you get your ruleset as super sneak? It just become crazy and whole game mechanics change because now all of the melee monster (apart from position 1) are going to attack the tail monster. You are in dilemma whether you should go for standard attack practice or take advantage of the super speak? What if your opponent decided to take advantage of super sneak ?


Crush your doubts and go for the sneak attack and to prove this , I will show you an action packed super sneak battle.

So Malric inferno is a first choice as summoner if fire is available as it give +1 melee attack to all friendly melee attck monster. Protecting your back is very important strategy in sneak attck so choose a monster that has high HP and have ability like throns and retaliate.

Try to put heavy hitting monster but have low HP in middle so that they can attack and be safe from sneak. Front tank is always necessary as you have no idea what type of attack opponent is going to use.

My Team in order:
Malric Inferno (Summonner) ,Cerebus,Creeping Ooze,Flame Monkey,Exploding Dwarf,Goblin Shaman,Serpent of the flame.

Opponent Team in order:
Malric Inferno (Summonner) ,Cocatrice,Creeping Ooze,Kobold Miner,Exploding Dwarf,Cerebus,Serpent of the flame.

Let Discuss the team selection.

1. Malric Inferno.

Malric Inferno.png

Malric Inferno provide +1 melee attack and since I am going to use all melee attack monster so it is going to be my obvious choice.

2. Cerebus.


It has nice swiftness, and having heal ability and retailate make it ideal for first position. It my personal experience Cerebus works good in placing "opposite" to ruleset means first position supersneak and last position in melee mayhem.

3.Creeping Ooze.

Creeping Ooze.png

Reducing the enemy swiftness so that your card have chance of attacking first is a good strategy.For 1 mana, creeping Ooze fits the bill.

3.Flame Monkey.
Again one more 1 mana card that have repair ability and have 1 melee attack and thanks to Malric inferno this is enhanced to 2 melee attack.

Flame Monkey.png

5. Exploding Dwarf

Exploding Dwarf.png

Do not judge this card by its HP because it is one of the the most ruthless attacker that have blast an retailiate ability. When it hits it really do a serious damage.

6.Goblin Shaman.

Goblin Shaman.png

I really want to go first with my heavy hitters that's why Goblin Shaman is really a need. It reduce swiftness and enemy health by one.

6. Serpent of the Flame.

Serpent of the Flame.png

This is my tank against enemy super sneak attack. It has high swiftness that help it to attack first and dodge the enemy attack. Though it attack is not very high but its poison and retaliate ability make up for it. It has high HP so it means it can stand long or may be till the end.

Now let check the battle.


It is image after summoner's and monster abilities are fully activated by both side. Look at the teams, the contest is really balanced.


Serious damage done by both side , Opponents 3 monster are down, and mine also 3 , poison took my Serpent of flame before the start of round so we have both three monster to attack.


Opponent Exploding dwarf has gone first and hit my exploding dwarf and it blast hit my creeping ooze. Is my fate is sealed now?


Not exacltly, My exploding dwarf retaliated attacking the enemy exploding dwarf that is now in middle of the enemy monster. Hit was successful, so it means all 3 enemy monster are down in single blow.(one by direct hit and 2 by blast ability.) . Enemy exploding dwarf did not retaliate and I got a very thriller victory.

Result is much sweeter because I defeated a champion league player to enter into champion league first time in this season.


Here is the Link to battle if you want to catch the full action yourself.

I hope you all enjoyed this thrilling battle possible due to sneaking monsters and if you are not a splinterland player and deciding to join this game then you can join it here


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