A Steal Of A Deal: Splinterlands OpenSea Auction, A Deeper Look!

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Max Level Gold Foil Selenia Sky Has Been Auctioned

What is a Gold Foil Selenia Sky?

It's one of the most popular cards in the game known as Splinterlands. Its a member of the Alpha and Beta collection with the Alpha being more rare and sought after. Currently the cheapest gold foil level 2 SS (Selenia Sky) on the Splinterlands market for sale would cost an interested party $7000 USD.

Open Sea Auction Details

On 1/17/2020 the Splinterlands team announced they have bought and combined one of the most sought after cards in the Alpha collection. Three Gold Foil SS were purchased from the market place and combined to create a very rare max level Gold Foil Alpha SS.

As seen above the total spent on the three cards needed to combine to make a max level Selenia Sky was $2579 USD.

OpenSea Auction Results

As the screen shot above shows, the max level card sold for 8.4 ETH. At the time of the auction ending 8.4 ETH was worth somewhere close to $1400 USD. The winning bidder was @michealb, some of the other top bidders were @neoxian, @otaru, @fw206 and someone with what looks to be a newly created OpenSea account with the name StalwartVersatileDalmatianOfWonder.

The winner of this auction ended up walking away with one of the best deals to date within Splinterlands short life span. To put this amazing deal in perspective a max level gold foil SS needs three level 2 (entry level) alpha gold foils to be created. If someone at this very moment decided they wanted a max level SS today and purchased the remaining three that are for sale on the market it would cost them a total of $27,000 USD.

Now the current market being what it is (healthy but five figured purchases are rare) its not likely someone is going to snatch the remaining three at current prices anytime soon BUT..... even if we don't want to consider the higher priced SS currently on the market we can't overlook the fact that the three SS cost almost $2600 USD and sold for $1400* USD once combined. At the very least that's a savings of $1200 USD @michealb has manage to attain via purchasing this card on OpenSea.

Why did the card sell for only $1400?

I think there's a number of reasons, one being that Splinterland cards being sold on OpenSea has only been active for a few short weeks, this means its very possible that the bulk of the Splinterland players weren't even aware of the auction.

Another potential reason is the bulk of Splinterland players are on the STEEM platform and may not have sufficient ETH to place bids. The announcement of the auction and the ending of the auction span was just seven short days. While seven days is plenty of time for those who already hold ETH or thousands of dollars in other crypto to trade for ETH, it isn't enough time for the fiat purchasers who need to do bank transfers and then figure out how to purchase ETH and then join and learn the ins and outs of a marketplace they haven't used yet (OpenSea).

Something else that is worth noting is currently MAX level cards sell for less than their total BCX card value is worth. The current Selenia Sky auction is a perfect example of this. Three level 2 Gold Foils will currently bring the higher sale returns than if three gold foils were combined and then sold. I suspect this to change in the future once (if) the game gains mass adaption.

These things are all easy to point out with hindsight and by no means am I claiming the auction to be a fail. In fact just the opposite, I think with all things considered the auction was a success. Three Alpha holders manage to sell their 2 BCX cards. @michealb managed to get a great deal with his winning bid and a Splinterlands card sold for around $1400 (all positive things).

I think its worth to explore doing this type of auction again but with some slight adjustments. Will the Splinterlands team decide to do that, I have no clue but one thing is for certain, It sure was allot of fun watching the small bid war take place.

Were You Aware Of The Auction On OpenSea?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

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Well, it's nice to see auctions happening and users are participating . Besides this was indeed one of the prime reason the bulk of the Splinterland players weren't even aware of the auction. But anyhow he got the deal and congrats to him btw.

Hope this sort of auctions will happens even more in the coming days.

I hope the same, it would be nice to see a weekly auction of a significantly priced card on OpenSea.

Was at the top of my budget, had walked outside to let it go if need be. 8.4 ETH / $2000 AUS, i didn't have just 'lying around'.

Walked back in with 20 seconds before auction ending, not sure how it would have turned out if i had been outbid again. lol

Walked back in with 20 seconds before auction ending, not sure how it would have turned out if i had been outbid again.

I have done that a time or two with Ebay bids.

Congrats on a great deal, I hope it brings you a great return some day.

Wow that's a good deal.
I was not aware of the deal because i haven't been on platform for last fee months. Still waiting for Splinterlands App to start playing gane again.

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Indeed it was a good deal, as far as I know the app is planned to be out before next month hits.

Oh that's a great news. Can't wait to play again.

I'm still waiting for my first gold foil legendary monster. My best was a gold foil rare card.

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You and me both, the last GFL I opened was during Alpha release.

Good luck to you with flipping one!

I was in the know - but I had no free funds to participate in the auction. Congratulations to the man who took half the price!

I suspect allot are in the same boat. It wasn't too long ago the Splinterland Kickstarter took place and I suspect many spent the bulk of what they could then.

I agree - I didn’t receive physical rewards for participating in Kickstarter - did anyone get it?

Not yet, physical items take time. They need to be ordered from the factory that creates the product, recieved and then repackaged and mailed. I think the currnet wait time is understandable.

I did see the auction promoted but have no interest in dealing with eth. If I saw it at that price on a steem or dollar based auction there might be a slight chance of me chasing it but it was a zero chance on that site.

Interesting, thanks for your feedback.


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Inhave seen the post from @splinterlands team....

I regret not trying to bid for it but no ETH at the time. :/

That seems to be a common theme.

I watched the end of the auction and was in the maverick discord room just to add to the drama. I hope they do it again... but much like shin lo... these steals don't tend to happen twice.

It certainly was a great deal, I'd like to see another as well.

It certainly was
A great deal, I'd like to see
Another as well.

                 - rentmoney

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I was aware of the auction but I had no ETHs... :=(

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Same here, my crypto profile mainly consists of STEEM releated tokens.

If only I had 8.5 ETH yesterday and a GF Alpha SS today... Then again, Furious Chicken really is the only !monster for me.


!gif goldchicken




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