Do You Invest In Something Because Someone Said So?

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We are highly influenced by what we hear and see other people are doing. When it comes to investing in something, some people follow this. People hear about some positive news about any specific asset or investment opportunity, they see other people are investing in that, so they decide to do that as well.

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You will find similar trends whether invest in the stock market, any asset, project, or cryptocurrency. If you just see what's going on outside, what people are doing, you might easily get lost. Likewise, when there is some news that does not sound good, some people decide not to invest in that.

Many things can be done to manipulate. If you watch videos about investing in something or read some articles about it, that's not all. You have to do your own research. You see people are investing in something, that does not mean you have to invest in that. On the flip side, you see some people do not feel comfortable investing in something, that does not mean that's not a good investment opportunity.

So what do other people say and do that's wrong?

If you follow other people when you have any investment decision, you might end up in a financial crisis. You are not trying to understand what's actually going on. Due to some lucrative offer, some people are attracted to some investment opportunities. Or, there is a higher rate of return, that's why they invest in risky assets.

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If you only see higher returns and do not consider the risk, you might end up in a bad place. You have to consider both the expected rate of return and risk. Maybe some people have some extra money and they do not care much if that gets lost. So they invest in risky assets. How about you?

This is your money. You have to make the ultimate decision. When you keep quiet and start doing your own research and try to understand why something is doing well or something is not doing well, you can make a good decision.

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Disclaimer: I'm not your financial advisor. This is only for educational purposes. Doing your own research is a must before making any decision. I will not be responsible for your action.

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

This is popularly known as FOMO mentality... And manipulation and affiliate fees are driving that to the roof!

I fell to these practices in 2017. and bought a bunch of shitcoins just because of the FOMO...

Not any more... Investigate ALL things that you are interested in... Ask questions, search for facts, names, addresses... All counts...

Good luck!

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Crypto price was an all-time high at the end of 2017 and early 2018. It seems like if you buy any coin, the price will go up and you will get extra earnings easily. So you can make money quickly.

Then the price fall, and still it has not reached that level yet. Not only cryptos, we see the same picture on the stock market. Making investment without checking the background of the company, capital structure, business model, demand, development, progress, the possibility of doing better in the future, and risk can lead in the wrong direction.

That's why doing your own research is a must. Thank you so much @ph1102 for sharing your experience.

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Good advice, all to often people are influenced by others on where they should invest without actually doing any research. Blindly investing because of a recommendation is setting yourself up for disaster. You always want to do your diligence and make sure you are investing wisely.

When you face problems after investment, we think we should have done our own research before. You can blame others or your friends but this is not going to solve anything. Yes, I agree with you

make sure you are investing wisely.

Thank you so much @maddogmike for your feedback!

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I have made more than one bad investment decision because I didn't listen to my gut and do more of my own due diligence. That fear of missing out on a "great opportunity" and being pushed into a fast decision is not a good thing for me.

Usually, we are in a hurry. We feel like we miss everything unless you do it now. And sometimes we only see the expected return, not the risk associated with the investment. Thank you so much @lisamgentile1961 for your comment and featuring this on your post.

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You're welcome, @rezoanulvibes! You're doing a great job creating content! Have a great evening 😀

I invest whatever my African brothers tell me too

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That's what we usually do. Maybe we talk to our friends about what information they have about something that you think to invest in. It will help you analyze the project better and come up with a better decision.

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