Is It A Waste Of Time To Explore Other Platforms?

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When Steemit was very popular, we saw other platforms that are similar to Steemit. I am not going to name any of those platforms. You know those platforms. I got into those platforms and being there for a specific period of time.

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When something gets popular, people want to do similar things and we think that would be the big thing. We read articles back then like Steemit killer.

So what is the end result of those platforms? I do not see they are doing better as it was thought. You can have a different opinion and I respect that.

You can make money writing content. It was always there. You can work as a freelance writer, ghostwriter. You will get paid for the content that you create.

You can create your own blog buying domain and hosting. You can publish your content over there. Then you can monetize your blog in different ways. Back then Google Adsense was popular. You can do affiliate marketing and sell other products. You will get a commission every time any product is sold that you refer to. If you have your own products, that's great. You can sell that on your blog.

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But getting paid directly from your post if someone upvotes/like that, that's new. People who never heard of it will not believe this. I found it hard to believe for the first time. Then I tried it and saw it, that's true. Blockchain gives us this great opportunity. Now we are on Hive blockchain. And what's happening here, that's exciting.

So if you spend your time on other platforms to check it out, is it a waste of time?

If you think content creation as a business, let's talk about this. To run your business successfully and grab the new opportunity, you do not spend all your time on something that is working. You spend a little portion of time to see and check out other things.

The combination is important. It can be 80-20. If you spend too much time on other things to see whether it works or not, you might waste your time. If that's not a big portion of your time, that's good.

Whatever you do, you can learn from it and make a better decision next time. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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Well summarized. I'd like to add one more thing, people who don't like to create long post or even any type of post even then they can get some rewards here by just writing honest comments. HIVE is a good alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube even if someone is only looking for killing some time.

Nice post & Wish you a safe day ahead.

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So true. I completely agree with you.

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