Five Ounce Friday.....

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Afternoon everyone....

So what’s better then a five ounce piece of silver????? Two five ounce pieces of silver.....Duh


Well today for your viewing pleasure I will show you two pieces from one of my favorite large production Mint.

These are two five ounce Scottsdale Mint Tombstone bars. And my god I love the hammered finish on these.


Have a great day.....


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I awesome ...I love hammered Silver!🤗
I try to hold off buying "special" Silver but I could make an exception with these!!😀

All things considered these are that high of a premium

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I love hammered finishes too!!! I may have to show mine. I like how the light bounces off the surfaces of hammered bars.
Have a terrific Friday, bestie, and take care🥰🌺🤙 a ton of hugs🤗

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Go ahead bestie. I like them.🤗

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Okay, I shall!!! 🥰🌺🤙

I love those but they are not actually hammered, right? I mean, it must be a mold or something. If those are hand hammered I will be shopping tomorrow.

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They are hammered but it’s by a machine not a hand. Saw a video on it a few years back on YouTube

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I knew I should have got the 10 oz version nugget when I got my fiver. 😣

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I didn't know these bars and I am happy to have been introduced to them.

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Seriously Ron??? You need to go on line and check out Scottsdale silver. They make killer stuff and coins for several countries

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Those are pretty kikass man!

Thanks man. Scottsdale does very nice work.

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Very cool @silverd510! Those are awesome! Have a good night.😎👍

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