Cryptocurrency And Money's Uselessness. Legitimate Illiteracy Explains It. Chapter 1.

Below is a draft of a book that i have started writing. It will be the first book released from the Macrohard hub and will begin the process of enhancing the curriculum of 'legitimate illiteracy', the basis of an entire school that i have created, that everyone can school in.

By means of this book, i will incorporate 'legitimate illiteracy' with 'cryptocurrency', introducing is mix among participants of the Macrohard hub. Where copies of the books are sold, it will intimate the world about 'cryptocurrency' in a legitimate illiteracy way and proceeds from sales will go towards the evolution and sustenance of the Macohard hub. The Macrohard hub is currently located in the Philippines.

The video below, was recorded at the Macrohard hub and on it, i started the inception of this book:

I am trying to recover a bit from the passing of my dad. I didn't play my role as son enough and it haunts me. This book will be dedicated to my parents. By its means, may i make them proud a bit and heal in turn.

Your boy Terry


Chapter 1 - The Role Of Cryptocurrency In Highlighting Money's Uselessness!

Okay, money isn't entirely useless. Contextually though, money stems from a place of void, possessing intrinsic value as it becomes backed by humans.

A world filled with full-blown humans and money is the smaller things. @surpassinggoogle

In today's painted world, money has simply been elevated; humans relegated; the 'narrative of hand-to-mouthism' perpetrated.

Alas, 'a painted world is not a real world'.

Yes, the 'dynamics of money' is being forgotten. This dynamics still exists but it no longer holds sway.

It is simple:

Look at 'money' till it loses its gaze, it is bound to come to Papa, desiring to be hosted by you. @surpassinggoogle
Attaining a stage, where 'money' can turn you off, money will begin to seek you on. @surpassinggoogle
Give money the place of god and you will have to pursue it. @surpassinggoogle

Now, let us 'add some English into the Mathematics', simplifying matters altogether and return to 'trade by barter', a financial approach used in the past.

What exactly happened then? Can you have exchanged 'a skyscraper' for 'a tricycle' within 'trade by barter'? Likely!

How so?

In that system, humans related among one another in a peer-to-peer fashion. There was social interaction within financial transactions, allowing users to exert and exhaust their human capabilities amidst a trade.

Okay, there wasn't a mandatory third-party, regulating the value of goods and services. There wasn't a central establishment interfering with financial transactions.

Humans had value; more value than goods and services. This particular value was quite immeasurable; exertable & expressible.

The value of a human was an indispensable factor in the direction of trades.

For instance, a party may have his 'persuasion' capabilities evolved. Allowed to use it in his interaction, he could effect a financial transaction that exchanged a skyscraper for a tricycle. A party may have been perceived by the other party as valuable or as possessing of potential value, leading to a successful barter; 'a tricycle for a skyscraper'. Two parties may have experienced a spiritual connection and on that basis, allow an unimaginable trade to go through. 'Trade by barter' was quite peer-to-peer. Both parties determined the value of goods and services. Each party had a say! Each party is a human.

Can you purchase a 'Ferrari' today at the price of a 'Nokia phone'? Very unlikely.

A Ferrari likely has a regulated price. Its price is established, known and verifiable.

Well, there is a 'medium of exchange' now and it is 'money'. This money is minted by a central body, inscribed with faces; not your faces!

Within the money system, amidst financial transactions involving humans, there is room for the 'value of your human' to be negligible; just have the money!

Sold at the price of a Nokia, Ferrari declares a loss.

A Nokia phone sold at the price of a Ferrari? Gains!

Boolean! (Gains/Loss)

Alas, in today's financial system of things, there are many boolean-based labels, each to remove value from humans and distribute it to 'money'. In the mix, each label incites a far-ended market. To each extremity, 'products' continue to sell, each human 'a client'.

In the 'money' system, money begins to take precedence over human. In a painted world, money takes precedence over human. The magnitude of your human grows negligible.

To be no part of the world, you will need stubborn genes.

To further dispel your value, you are trapped into a boolean; 'money/no-money'. A cycle of half-humanism ensues and a corresponding array of boolean(s) to keep this cycle intact.

e.g Finance = Bulls/Bears; Governance = Vote/Unvote; Morals = Good/Bad; Knowledge = Literate/Illiterate; Human = Money/Money-less etc.

Where humans are intact, where humans have become 'full-blown', each his own identity, each in the image of the Creator Jehovah, each his 'stubborn genes'; how much of this human can you capture in a boolean?

Then, the painted world goes...

Trap them into a boolean, boolean after boolean! Alas, a shared identity, bot-like, programmable; 'code is law'.

"When you are too-too-too predictable; who are you." @surpassinggoogle.

Money has been 'the smaller things' after all; all along! We have pursued it a-much. It is time to evolve past it. "May it come to Papa!"

'Money' has had to be backed, especially by humans, for it to constitute 'legal tender'. Perhaps, we have backed too much. It is time to create it; that you no longer have to seek it.

Once recently, 'cryptocurrency' was innovated. It has always existed!

Recall 'trade by barter', that peer-to-peer financial system of old; that is crypto!

Beyond the intention of cryptocurrency-innovators, in their bid to create another 'comfort' tool to further entry into 'outer-space' (a painted world), they have inadvertently gifted us a tool that replays 'down-to-earth' (real world) paradigms.

Cryptocurrency isn't money but it can become money and re-display the tenets of money. Otherwise, it can be really revolutionary; a directional tool of finance, valuable in returning value to humans.

Once in the past, humans had to interact in a peer-to-peer fashion to transact. The value of the human was a major factor in the eventuality of financial transactions. There weren't central entities in place then, to curb a human's social capabilities.

Cryptocurrency virtually replays that era today; an era where a peer (human) could interact with another peer (human), deciding to sell his 'Dogecoin' (a cryptocurrency) for a puppy, without external interference.

Market-wise, the value of a 'cryptocurrency' against 'conventional money' could take uncoventional turns.

'Human capabilities at full-swing', the value of a cryptocurrency can reach un-imaginable heights as deemed fit by the humans that back it.

Yes, you can sell your Bitcoin for a pizza. Yes, you can sell your Bitcoin for a Pizza Hut.

It is time to look at cryptocurrency aright and some 'legitimate illiteracy' will help.

The concept of 'cryptocurrency' isn't complex. On its own, cryptocurrency is just another tool! Backed by humans to return value to humans, 'cryptocurrency' is revolutionary.

Altogether, 'cryptocurrency' highlights the useless-city of money. Like typical money, 'cryptocurrency' starts out null and void. At a whim, it can be created. Even imaginarily, it can be generated. Backed by 'half-humans', it can become 'generic money' once again, measured solely in terms of 'bulls or bears'. Backed by 'full-blown humans', it can become 'directional money', measured in terms of 'breakthrough in human'.

Innovation-wise, we have already dissected 'cryptocurrency'. However complex-looking its underlying technology is, still it is, premised by that popular world-renown paradigm; 'code is law'.

This so-called 'complex model' isn't so far-fetched. Fit for bots, it is premised by 'boolean' to be predictive in nature, on the notion that 'humans are too-too-too predictable'.

Where we decide to leave the ranks of 'too-too-too predictable', mining our very human, we create an untold breed of money.

The point: Cryptocurrency on its own is 'money' and money on its own is generic. 'Generic money' is overly-hyped. It is not that useful.

“Many times the answers lie in the ‘first simplest obviousest solutions’; many times we tend to attempt the ‘nth complexest solutions’ first”. @surpassinggoogle

If it is money that you wholeheartedly seek, simply create your 'money' and back it. Why pursue money looping-ly, when you can create it?

It is established; you can create your very own 'cryptocurrency'. Away from 'generic money', let your cryptocurrency represent you.


Who are you? Are you convinced in your value? If your answer is 'a definitive YES', then your cryptocurrency starts out with a monetary-value. Decide that value! Declare that value!

If you declare the starting value of your cryptocurrency to be '100$ apiece'; back your declaration, back your cryptocurrency. Spearhead its market. Purchase your cryptocurrency at '100$ apiece' and declare that you will receive it as payment in the stead of '$'.

Besides you, i will back your cryptocurrency and spend it. Even your imaginary cryptocurrency i will back and begin spending it too, for i am your true fan.

Now, mint '10,000 tokens' of your cryptocurrency (currently priced at 1,000,000$), buy a skyscraper and gift it out or barter it for a Nokia phone; for now, you can!

Let's begin to conclude chapter one....

Unlike typical 'money', you have created your very own money. Your money can have its place as 'the smaller things' in society; you at the fore. A money now stamped with 'your human', your very own face, your conviction etc.

If you are well-defined, your 'spirit-side' well-tapped, each nuance, each model, each tokenomy, each algorithm, each paradigm applied in the formulation of your 'cryptocurrency' will contain evidence of what you represent. Your cryptocurrency can indeed leave the ranks of 'money' altogether, stirring a movement that is world-adjusting. Attaining untold heights of unconventionality, the value of your cryptocurrency becomes immeasurable by the same indices used to analyse conventional money, such as 'bulls or bears'. Its 'deflationary properties', no longer stemming from the popular dynamics of 'demand and supply' guarding 'money'. People can begin to form a longing for amassing and holding your cryptocurrency because they have become 'true fans' of what it represents.

Now, we say 'legitimate illiteracy', when your cryptocurrency succeeds whether 'bulls or bears' because 'humans' are involved.

Hi, let us take a look at some existing cryptocurrencies, starting with a cryptocurrency called 'ETH', native to the Ethereum blockchain. It currently has a price value of some '350$'. Almost 5 years ago, it was priced at '0.43$'. While ETH can be traded or spent, it has other utilities. For instance, to make use of some applications built on the Ethereum blockchain, you may need to possess ETH.

DOGE on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency attached to a community who have come to love a particular 'dog' meme. DOGE doesn't have many utilities besides what it represents but it is a 'top 50 cryptocurrency' as ranked by '', having reached a price of '0.0175$' from a base-price of '0.000086$'.

I created a cryptocurrency called 'TEARDROPS', to reward 'proof of tears'. Even in its imaginary state people relished accruing it and interchanging it.

See image:


If you have attained this book, kindly consider purchasing a 15$ T-shirt from our store here:

Each T-shirt carries an inscription derived from our curriculum of 'legitimate illiteracy'.

Proceeds from these sales will go towards the evolution and sustenance of our 'Macrohard hub' located in the Philippines.

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