Development-Task: Kindly Help Me Build The Pre-sale Website For ''.

Here is a sample site you can follow in your design:

or that used on ''.

Code for both samples are on Github:


The site can start with a dominant banner such as this:

OR this:

Banner inscription


A cryptocurrency 'internet 3.0' based on ulogs.


Left-side text:

A ulog about 'cryptocurrency' is called a 'Cryptoulog'.

Cryptocurrency-related ulogs are 'cryptoulogs'.

Let us gift the internet with fresh ‘cryptoulogs’; let us create a true ‘internet 3.0’ based on ‘ulogs’, whereupon ‘humans’ hold sway, moreso than ‘crypto-kitties, bulls or bears’.

Cryptocurrency as we have it today is a complex niche. This niche, currently based on 'blogs & vlogs', is not participate-able-in by everyone. For instance, not everyone can blog or vlog about cryptocurrency, neither can everyone consume, curate or promote cryptocurrency-related blogs or vlogs.

Nevertheless, the niche of 'cryptocurrency' is tangible to the collective evolution of the world. 'Content-evolution' in the niche of 'cryptocurrency' is essential to the shaping of the internet.

As a result, we have created 'CryptoUlogs'.

Everyone can create, consume, curate and promote cryptoulogs.

Top text

A blockchain-based social media platform for cryptocurrency-related ulogs. It will focus on short-form content.

Now based on 'cryptoulogs', it will rendezvous everyone. Users can create, consume, curate, promote cryptocurrency ulogs.

In turn, they can earn a digital currency called 'ULOGS', distributed via a 'proof of tears' reward distribution model.

Centre video:

Bottom Text:

We will have a ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’, empowered with exclusive UI-perks and tools. These ones will take up the role of introducing and inculcating the ‘art of ulogging’ among our users. This is to reiterate that, a major focus of ‘’ will be dedicated to growing our 'grey-list of certified uloggers’..

Those who are ‘certified uloggers’, will form the core of ‘’, empowered with the tools and influence to shine.

Yes, our ‘scarce model’ is our ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’. It is built on the basis of ‘humans’ rather than ‘bulls or bears’. For instance, where we eventually have billions of users, our sole focus even in terms of autonomous growth is to maintain a grey-list of say ‘100,000 certified uloggers’.

Imagine 'a cryptocurrency content-sharing platform made up of cryptoulogs', where content is dynamic and ever-refreshing, one filled with 'fresh pieces of human' daily. Imagine 'a cryptocurrency social-media platform made up of uloggers'. Imagine a cryptocurrency platform where every 'Bitcoin-logo or ETH-meme' is created anew, carrying the touch of human. Imagine an entire crypto-sphere, where even 'anonymity' carries that stamp of 'human'. Well, if you can't imagine it, visit '' to see and experience it.

Indeed, '' will constitute a thing of beauty, creating a grey-print that others can replicate. It will create a crypto-sphere of 'revelation', highlighting further the beauty of blockchain/cryptocurrency in terms of 'returning value to humans'. will invite participation from 'everyone', rather than 'from millions'.

Read more! And The Hive Blockchain

Left-side text:

As mentioned earlier, we would like to build '' on the the Hive blockchain. The Hive blockchain is a fork of the Steem blockchain and it was built specifically for 'social media', possessing features like '3-seconds transaction-speed, zero transaction-fee, likes/dislikes etc'.

Note too, that the concept of 'ulogs' has history on Hive. Starting out on '#ulog' some 3-years ago, it has invited participation from more than '5,000 Steem/Hive-users', helping us build a discord community of more 5,000 people.

Besides 'permanence for our cryptoulogs', by means of the Hive blockchain, we will adopt a large community, that native to 'Hive' itself.

When '' starts, it will have a user-base. It will not start afresh!

Being '' however, we intend to target 'everyone'. This means that our user-interface will be open to sign-up(s) from everyone. Users can interact with '' to a certain extent, needing of a Hive (blockchain) account to access its 'blockchain-features'.

Looking to reward 'human activities' across '', we have created a digital-currency called 'ULOGS'. This is a Hive-based token.

To implement our own reward-distribution model called 'proof of tears', we have needed to create our very own 'Hive-based token' called 'ULOGS', possessing of its own parameters. This way, we can better reward 'cryptoulogs'.

Other features that we will be able to implement courtesy of the Hive blockchain is our 'basic DEFI-layer', that allows users to earn from 'staking ULOG'. There is also a 'delegation feature', which allows one user to delegate the 'influence' of their stake to another user.

Some History

Left-side image:

Right-side text:

‘Ulogs’ is a blockchain-based innovation. It was born on a blockchain-based social media platform called Steemit. As simplistic as it looks, it can form the content-base for a ‘new internet’. Applying ‘unconventional paradigms’, now more feasible since the advent of blockchain technology, ulogs can play a giant role in highlighting the unconventional properties of blockchain, establishing blockchain as a tangible tool applicable towards stirring breakthrough in human.

Starting out as a simple hashtag on the Steem (now Hive) blockchain, ‘#ulog’ went on to produce some ‘50,000 posts and 179,000 comments’ after the first six months of its inception and was used by more than 5,000 people. See stats!

Even without much ‘incentive’ (financial rewards), people ulogged. Uloggers began to emanate gradually, so far creating an online community of more than 5000 people.

Modeled around ‘mining the human’, the primary reward from ulogging is ‘real human growth’.

Understanding what ‘Ulogs’ are, how it was formulated and its history will instantly help you understand ‘Cryptoulogs’.

Every innovation emanating from our ecosystem, ‘the Teardrops ecosystem’ will be ‘very content-based’. Our content-base? ‘Ulogs’!

A cryptoulog? ‘A cryptocurrency-related ulog’!

Cryptoulogs? ‘Cryptocurrency-related ulogs’!

Platform Basics Features

Left-side text:

  • A social media platform for ‘short-form content’. People can post ‘long-form’ content by spending some ‘ULOGS’ tokens.
  • ‘Images, memes, GIFs etc’ across ‘’ need to be created by our users ‘fresh’, non-existent on the internet prior. Caricature-entries are welcomed. ‘Images, memes, GIFs etc’ seemingly resourced from the internet can be hidden from the user-interface but stays on the blockchain.
  • To maintain a ‘ulogging-standard’, our platform will be built around ‘a grey-list of certified uloggers’. Certified uloggers will be empowered with tools, UI-perks, extra influence etc, enabling them introduce and inculcate the art of ulogging across ‘’. Anyone can become ‘certified’.
  • On, you can be a private or public figure. (Regardless, private figures will maintain their potential for garnering internet opportunities because their ulogs will reflect that ‘you’ element.)
  • Posts are published to the Hive blockchain. Users can earn HIVE and our Hive-based token called ‘ULOGS’.
  • People can earn for ‘staking, curation, content-creation, content-promotion, for exercising human virtues, for past deeds and even randomly’.
  • Users will have to claim their staking-rewards, via a simple ‘ulogging’ (‘mining the human’) action. Unclaimed rewards, will be distributed randomly among active ‘certified uloggers’ or returned to the pool.
  • Tokenomics-wise, we will like a ‘small supply’ and ‘a low inflation-rate’, targeted primarily at growing and celebrating our ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’. (Assuming the quota of our ‘grey-list’ is ‘100,000 certified uloggers’, we could start with a supply of ‘100,000 ULOG’ i.e ‘at least 1 ULOG per certified ulogger’. In effect, we can have an inflation-rate of 100,000 ULOG a year.)
  • Our coin will have many utilities and underlying ‘DEFI’ attributes.
  • We will explore other forms of ‘rewards’ besides ‘money’ e.g clout, UI-visibility, gig-donation, consultancy, project visibility etc.
  • Certain tier of stakeholders will be ‘certified uloggers’ by default. However, anyone can become ‘certified uloggers’ irrespective of their stake-size.
  • The user-interface should highlight ‘certified uloggers’ and modeled to invite users to get ‘certified’.
  • ‘Certified’ users get exclusive UI-perks and discounts compared to others.
  • Projects can pay in ‘ULOGS’, to create their ulog-communities.

Right-side continuation text:

  • The ‘ULOGS’ token will have cross-platform utilities e.g for DMs, peer-to-peer ads, subscriptions, marketplace etc.
  • The user-interace should be modeled such that we can reach every ‘certified ulogger’ at least, with important updates. We can have ‘chat-support, DM-features, special feeds, live feeds etc’ accessible especially to ‘certified uloggers’.
  • We could develop our own unique ‘ulog-based tagging system’ e.g we can append ‘ulog-’ to every tag used on our user-interface. In effect, we have like ‘#ulog-rekt, #ulog-lambo, #ulog-btc etc’.
  • Our user-interface will dynamically introduce ‘ulog-related’ initiatives, contests and trends to create buzz and build a solid community.
  • We will not have ‘airdrops’, instead we will have ‘teardrops’, meaning that there will be a ‘mining the human’ element in how we dispense the ULOGS token via drops.
  • We will have a DEFI layer that finances projects, especially for established ‘certified uloggers’.
  • We will be backed by a physical venture, courtesy of ‘physical hubs’ called ‘Macrohard’ that gathers ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs etc’ across the globe. Our first ‘Macrohard’ hub is located in the Philippines!
  • Holders or stakers of ‘ULOGS’, will have starting stake in ‘TEARDROPS’.
  • We will apply a ulogging-style referral system.
  • We will grow a successful YouTube channel on ‘UloggersTV’, that will feature ‘certified uloggers, help them build their own YouTube presence and grow ulogs globally.
  • We will develop a DAO that empowers established ‘certified uloggers’ in building their projects, even in absence of seed-funding.
  • ‘’ will be developed with others in mind. We will create a grey-print ‘code-base’ that ‘certified uloggers’ can replicate to build their own ‘ulog-based platforms’.
  • Provide ‘DEFI’ tools that allows external trusted projects to distribute their tokens to our users in ‘teardrops’ fashion.
  • Add ‘d-commerce’ features to incite, reward and celebrate ‘certified uloggers’ creations.
  • Model the user-interface to generate ‘revenue’, sufficient also for developing ‘,,’.
  • There may be communities accessible primarily to ‘certified uloggers’ or on a ‘pay-to-join’ basis for others. On these exclusive communities, we can offer perks like ‘teardrops, faucets, clout etc’.
  • Users will carry labels of ‘uloggers’ or ‘certified uloggers’, to give ‘’ that ‘ulogs-outlook’ and help users find help or answers from ‘certified uloggers’ instantly.
  • etc.

ULOGS Digital Currency

Left-side text:

The ‘u’ in ulogs stands for ‘you’.

To further let the world know about ‘ulogs’, we have chosen a token name called ‘ULOGS’. A unit of our token is a ‘ULOG’.

‘ULOGS’ is a simple utility token that will be used to power ‘’. Being a product of the Teardrops ecosystem, it will make use of a ‘proof of tears’ (mining the human) reward-distribution model.

Provisional Use-Cases For ULOGS


Primarily, the 'ULOGS' digital-currency is a social-token used to reward 'human activities' related to 'content'. Underlyingly, it has a DEFI-feature, that allows users to earn it directly through 'staking'.

Earned; it can be tipped, spent or exchanged. It can also be 'powered-up or staked' to have influence on the 'reward-pool' allocated to 'authors and curators'.

The 'ULOGS' token will have a wide variety of utilities. Here is an un-exhaustive list:

  • To post long-form cryptoulogs, users will need to spend some 'ULOGS'.
  • Users may need to spend 'ULOGS', to send a DM.
  • Users need to stake 'ULOGS', to be capable of rewarding content.
  • Users need to stake the 'ULOGS' to earn 'curation rewards'.
  • Users will be able to boost the visibility of their cryptoulogs by spending 'ULOGS'.
  • Projects can create their own 'ulog-based communities' by spending 'ULOGS'.
  • Users can spend 'ULOGS' to purchase items on '' or externally e.g 'on'.
  • 'Certified uloggers' may be able to pay a monthly-subscription in 'ULOG'S as part of their 'verification-process'.
  • Stakers of 'ULOGS' may get a starting stake in 'TEARDROPS' (i.e our primary token.)
  • Internal listings from external projects, may require staking 'ULOGS'.
  • Internal peer-to-peer ads can be paid for in 'ULOGS.
  • Users will be able to avail of services on '' e.g 'clout-services, consultancy-services etc' by spending 'ULOGS'.
  • Users can pay in 'ULOGS' to get discounts.
  • etc.

ULOGS — (Provisional) Tokenomics.

Added Text:

Initial supply = ‘100,000 ULOGS’

  • Pre-sale = ‘80,000 ULOGS’ (Provisional price = ‘1$ per ULOG’). A maximum of ‘100 ULOG’ can be sold to a person. Unsold tokens after pre-sale may be held, either staked or used for ‘development’ costs.
  • ‘10,000 ULOGS’ — staked as needed to direct the platform from the outset. Can also be used for things ‘development, team-expenses etc’ in the future.
  • ‘10000 ULOGS’ — used for ‘marketing, bounties, teardrops etc’.

Now, let’s draft the token parameters for ULOG coin:

  • ‘ULOGS’ will have a small supply and low-inflation rate, where inflation is based on a reward-pool. (Provisional initial supply = 100,000 ULOGS > Provisional inflation (i.e ‘reward-pool’) = 100,000 ULOGS per year.)
  • ‘ULOGS’ reward-pool (Provisional allocation: Author = 30%, Curator = 20%, Staking = 40%, DAO = 10%)

Note: ‘ULOGS’ is likely to be a Hive-based token, inheriting the social-properties native to the Hive blockchain such as zero transaction fees, 3-seconds block-time etc.

Based on this tokenomy, we can create a token fit for ‘’.

‘’ is a social-media platform based on ‘cryptocurrency-related ulogs’. As seen above, people will be able to earn ‘ULOGS’ from a reward-pool (which has a low emission-rate of ‘100,000 ULOG per year’), in accordance with this allocation: ‘author = 30%, curator = 20%, Staking = 40%, DAO = 10%’.

As seen above, ‘50% of the reward-pool’ (i.e author = 30%, curator = 20%) goes towards rewarding ‘content’.

Typically, these rewards are distributed via ‘likes’ (i.e upvotes). For ‘likes’ to have influence on reward-distribution, users need to stake or power-up their ‘ULOGS’ tokens. (By powering up their ULOGS tokens they deflate the circulating supply.)

‘Authors’ earn ‘ULOGS’, when staked-users like or upvote their ‘cryptoulogs’. Staked-users also earn ‘ULOGS’ in the form of curation-rewards from the payout of ‘cryptoulogs’ that they have liked. Alas, there is more…

On ‘’, users can also earn ‘ULOGS’ directly, by ‘staking’ (i.e ‘powering up’) their ‘ULOGS’. As shown earlier, ‘40% of the reward-pool’ is allocated to ‘staking-rewards’, rewarding users who stake their ‘ULOGS’, daily.

While you can see our ‘staking’ layer as a traditional ‘DEFI’ layer, it is slightly different.

Staking-rewards on ‘’ need to be claimed per day. To complete a claim however, users will need to ‘mine their human’ by ‘posting a simple cryptoulog’.

Assuming a user forgets to claim their their daily staking-rewards or declines to do so, their reward for that day is distributed randomly among ‘x’ number of active ‘certified uloggers’ or sent to the ‘DAO’. This suddenly means that users across ‘’ can also earn randomly or for ‘past deeds’.

To maintain a ‘proof of tears’ (i.e ‘mining the human’) element to even’random earnings’ across ‘’, users who earn randomly will need to be ‘certified uloggers’. Ofcourse, everyone can get ‘certified’!

‘10%’ of our ‘reward-pool’ allocated to the ‘DAO’, will be used to further the growth and development of ‘’; spent as required. Funds from the ‘DAO’ can also be used to empower ‘certified uloggers’, those who want to build their noble dreams.

As we have continued to reiterate, we will build our ecosystem around a core of ‘certified uloggers’. In eventuality, these ‘certified uloggers’ will form the core of every project emanating from the ‘Teardrops ecosystem’ such as ‘,,, ‘Macrohard
and ‘’ will help us in the process of identifying and establishing these ones.
Our tokenomics and token model has to take this into consideration too!

Our sole focus in terms of user-growth, even where we have billions of users, is ‘to grow and maintain a grey-list of 100,000 certified uloggers’.(‘Grey’ indicates that this ‘list’ is soft-capped, meaning that every human can join it).

‘ULOGS’ as such, is modeled in such a way that ‘each person on our ‘grey-list’ should have ‘1 ULOG at least’ (i.e initial supply = ‘100,000 certified uloggers’ * 1 ULOG).

ULOGS - Reward-Distribution Model

Follow-up Text:

Ultimately, ‘’ will have a ‘daily reward-pool’ (i.e ‘token-emission’) that users can distribute ‘via upvotes’, on the basis of their ‘influence’ (or stake-size). However, this time, they will be rewarding an activity that ‘mines the human’ called ‘ulogging’, specifically ‘cryptoulogging’.

As we have reiterated earlier, only ‘50% of our reward-pool’ is allocated to rewarding ‘content’. Users can also earn ‘rewards’ daily, simply by ‘staking’ (i.e ‘powering up’) their ‘ULOGS’, with ‘40% of the daily reward-pool’ allocated to ‘staking rewards’.

Alas, users can also earn the ULOG token randomly. This portion of ‘rewards’ will come from the daily portion of ‘staking-rewards’ that was left ‘unclaimed’.

In any case, on ‘’, irrespective of how ‘rewards’ are earned, users must have ‘mined their human’ (i.e ‘proof of tears’). For instance, to claim ‘daily staking-rewards’, users will need to ‘post a simple cryptoulog’ to fulfill their claim.

The ‘ULOGS’ can reward ‘past deeds’ too! While much of the ‘distribution’ in this respect, can be carried out consciously/manually by ‘our team’ or ‘certified uloggers’ via ‘timely upvotes’, it can happen in automated fashion and randomly. How so? Users who decline their ‘daily staking-rewards’, will have their ‘unclaimed rewards’ distributed randomly among ‘x’ number of active ‘certified uloggers’.

This suspenseful atmosphere has ‘mentality-adjusting’ potency. Realizing that their ‘past deeds’ can be rewarded, users can begin to adopt a culture of ulogging, whether ‘bulls or bears’. They can also be inculcated with the fact,’curation’ doesn’t have to be promised. Eventually, they can begin to ulog for the ‘conscious’ purpose of ‘mining their human’, where the primary reward is ‘real human growth’ (or ‘breakthrough in human’).

Now, we will return to celebrate the resulting ‘breakthrough in human’, with a digital currency called ‘ULOGS’ and to a grander extent, with ‘TEARDROPS’.

World adjustment!

To conclude, let’s reiterate once again, that ‘’ will be built around ‘a grey-list of certified uloggers’. From among these ones, we want to emanate ‘generation-fixers’. Thus, we will direct our ‘reward-distribution’ focus, primarily towards these ones, empowering them in the process. Alas, everyone can get ‘certified’!

As such, we can evolve a ‘scarce model’ that centers around ‘humans’, rather than ‘bulls or bears’.

Our Scarce Model

Follow-up left-side text:

We will have a ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’, empowered with exclusive UI-perks and tools who will take up the role of introducing and inculcating the ‘art of ulogging’ among our users. This is to reiterate that, a major focus of ‘’ will be to ‘grow our grey-list of certified uloggers’.

Those who are ‘certified uloggers’, will form the core of ‘’ and every eventual project emanating from the ‘Teardrops ecosystem’, empowered with the tools and influence to shine.

Yes, our ‘scarce model’ is our ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’. It is built on the basis of ‘humans’ rather than ‘bulls or bears’. For instance, where we eventually have billions of users, our sole focus even in terms of autonomous growth is to maintain a grey-list of say ‘100,000 certified uloggers’. — DEFI layer

Follow-up left-side text:

Our ecosystem is inherently ‘DEFI’; ‘DEFI’ in the context of ‘empowering of human’. Our ‘ROI’ is ‘real human growth’.

Even though ‘’ is a social/content-based platform; considering that it will focus on ‘short-form content’, we have afforded ‘a small reward-pool allocation’ for ‘content’ and allocated ‘a large portion of our reward-pool’ to ‘staking-rewards’. However, we have created a more testimonial, un-ordinary type of ‘staking-feature’! How so?

Unlike traditional DEFI-platforms, on ‘’, your ‘stake’ gives you additional influence over a ‘reward-pool’ that incites users across ‘’ to ‘mine their human’.

Yes, while you can simply visit ‘’ to claim your daily-rewards, you can also vote on ‘content’ created via the art of ‘ulogging’ (i.e a ‘mining the human’ activity).

Alas, to successfully claim your daily staking-rewards on ‘’, you would have needed to publish a ‘cryptoulog’ too. Otherwise, your forfeited ‘rewards’ is distributed randomly among ‘x’ number of active ‘certified uloggers’.

You see, on ‘’, your stake can still provide you tangible ‘ROI’ in terms of stirring ‘real human growth’; an ‘ROI’ that is constantly ‘positive’, irrespective of ‘bulls or bears’ because ‘humans’ are involved.

Assuming ‘staking’ is our basic DEFI-feature, we will continue to add other DEFI-features to ‘’ over the course of time, in explorative fashion. (Read more!) - Roadmap

Corresponding text:

  • Create the ULOG token and conduct a pre-sale. (September, 2020)
  • Complete the setup of our first physical 'Macrohard' hub in the Philippines. (September, 2020)
  • Ship our basic site on '', with a functional reward-distribution mechanism. (September 2020)
  • List our token on Hive-engine and if possible, on Uniswap. (September, 2020)
  • Restore life to ''. Start by moving it to the Hive blockchain. (September, 2020)
  • Start growth efforts. (Starts September, 2020)
  • Continue to improve ''. (Starting October, 2020)
  • Continue the development of ' and'. (Starting November, 2020)
  • Setup a second 'Macrohard' hub. (Starting December, 2020)

How Funds Raised From Pre-sale Will Be Used?

Corresponding text:

  • We will setup physical 'Macrohard' hubs, starting with the first one in the Philippines. This physical venture will back our online-ventures. It will rendezvous 'brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs etc'. Together, we will build ''.
  • We will build a solid and remarkable '' web interface, including its mobile application for IOS and Android.
  • We will build other projects emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem too, such as ',,,'.
  • Token-creation, Exchange-listings, Uniswap-listing, Liquidity-provision.
  • Grow our user-base via organic marketing, conventional ADs.
  • etc.

Note: We want to create 'down-to-earth innovations' that can adjust the world. Our success is measured in terms of 'real human growth'.

We want to play a role in historical history, helping as many people as possible build their noble dreams.

This means that revenue generated 'via' will be directed continuously towards developing 'projects'; i.e '' and our other projects.

Creating a successful product on '', we will be able to replicate our success as we develop our other projects. Besides, we will have a 'grey-print project' that others can replicate.

In turn, many humans can build their noble dreams, without 'seed-funding limitations'. Where they need programmers to help, we can provide them with 'brother-programmers', courtesy of our 'Macrohard' hub.

The existence of 'Macrohard hubs' will help us reduce our expenses overall, also allowing us to be more effective in the movement we create. Where we can rendezvous 'brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-talents etc' within this hub. Together, we can build our noble dreams and those of others.

Our Team

Corresponding Text:

We will start with a small team but we aren't focusing on a small team. We would like 'certified uloggers' to play a tangible role in our development and growth efforts. Where we can work with '100,000 certified uloggers', that is one giant team effort.

At the moment, these our core team members:


Corresponding text:

Below, you will find answers to other questions that you may have. We will continue to populate this segment with answers, till we can answer all your questions.

  • Why will we focus on short-form content?
  • Why will and the ULOGS currency succeed?
  • How Will Generate Revenue To Sustain Growth?
  • Why do we have a small supply?
  • Why are we focusing on a grey-list?
  • What are ulogs?

Social Links



Incase you want to help with this, kindly contact me via '' (discord: @surpassinggoogle#1660)

The screenshots are just samples. I decided to disorganize the mock-ups because people end up following my mock-ups exactly, when these are only samples. You can use your own design styling.

Each tab on the top area of the website, should direct to its respective segment of the page.

Read more about the project here:

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