Did You Know That Coinbase Has Invested Many Upcoming Cryptocurrency Projects, Even Small Ones.

Did you know Coinbase has invested in the development of many upcoming cryptocurrency projects, even projects similar to them, even small-sized projects, as long as the have the grand goal of spearheading a decentralized world that is crypto-inclined?

I just found 'https://ventures.coinbase.com' passively and found out a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that they have invested in, playing the role of venture-capitalist.

There is a wide range of such projects and while many of these projects appear to be in the niche of 'financial services', they have recently invested in the development of a blockchain-based social-media platform called 'Relevant'.

This cryptoulog is practically a question, asking the question; "how does one apply for investment support from Coinbase".

I have a project called Cryptoulogs that i am trying to setup and i would consider getting Coinbase to invest in it but i haven't found the correct way of applying to Coinbase yet and i haven't received a response from the main coinbase-support, pertaining to my question. In case you know the answer, please leave a response to direct me and potentially others, who may have the same question.

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CryptoUlog - How To Earn Free KAVA Tokens. What Is Kava? Tutorial And Quiz Answers.


  • Watch the video above. In it, i go through with the KAVA tutorial-videos explaining each them, show you how to get your KAVA wallet address from Binance, then i answer each of the QUIZ-questions. If you want to go straight to 'completing the QUIZ', jump to the 20-min mark of the video.
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  • Complete the Quiz before the campaign ends in some '5 days' and submit your answers.
  • Wait for your KAVA tokens to reflect in your Binance wallet, when the campaign ends.

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